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February 2005   -   Hand-drawn, colored in Paint Shop Pro 7
Tales of Symphonia

Featuring Zelos Wilder. I drew this as part of a layout for a Zelos fansite I was making, but then cancelled due to a Zelos burnout. The project was then abandoned permanently because literally two days later, I saw Avatar: The Last Airbender and began making Distant Horizon. Ha ha.
Funny how things turn out, right?

This picture is also viewable on DeviantART.

Oh, and here's a poem I wrote at the time of posting this on DA:

'Don't believe what you see
everything is not how it seems.
Life is so much easier
when you live in a masquerade.
So we'll spin and twirl
'til the pain fades away.
Look at our smiles, look at our laughs.
But every dance has its end
and the pain always finds its way back
tearing my mask to shreds.
S'alright, I have many to spare.
You always do,
when you live in a masquerade.

But I grow tired, so tired
of wearing this mask.
Maybe.... if I...
really trusted you...
I wouldn't have to wear this mask.
I could be me
or whatever's left of me.
But what if you....
No. I couldn't.
The song is starting over again.
Time for me to go back in
to smile and laugh
and dance in this masquerade.'