Curse of the Miasma

Character Bios

Here you can find basic info and a mug shot of the important characters in this story. Clearly it's incomplete, and the fact that Brock is missing really shows how much thought I put into his role in the story... D: but more would be added as the story progressed. If that ever happens. =|

Samantha Lynn Samantha Lynn
17-years old and takes care of Luna Ranch. Her past is deeply involved with Miasma, but she really doesn't know why. They murdered her family but for some reason spared her. For a while she was under the protective care of Officer Jenny, but now that Miasma has caught her, it looks like the truth will finally surface. Literally.

Zelda the Dragonair Zelda
This dragonair is Samantha's favorite pokemon and has been with her since she was a small child. Zelda is extremely clever and, although Samantha tries to keep it a secret, is different from most dragonairs she has come across. Zelda plays an important role in Samantha's past.

Ash and Misty Ash and Misty
On unfamiliar ground and basically on their own, this duo must play Detective in order to find Brock and Samantha. Often finding more questions than answers, they may have to turn to some unlikely allies in order to rescue their friends and save themselves from Miasma's deadly grasp.