The LipGloss Mastermind

"Raspberry Flavoring ~ part two"

As soon as the bill for the drinks were paid Ash, Misty, Brock, and Allison left the café. They stood by the corner of the block, looking around at the town.

"Hey, have you seen that new movie that Trevor Motabei is in?" Allison asked Misty. Misty's eyes lit up at the mention of Mr. Motabei, and shook her head vigorously.

"No, but I've been dying to see it!"
"Well it just came to the local theater a few days ago."
"Really? Have you seen it yet?"
"Oh, of course! The movie was really, really good. You should see it."
"I want to, but someone refuses to come with me." Misty glanced accusingly at Ash. Ash looked from Misty to Allison, wishing with all his might that the conversation wouldn't go any farther.

"Ash, do you plan on paying me back for my bike?"
"Uh... yeah?"
"Well then, think of this like a down payment. A ten-dollar down payment."
"Ten dollars!?" Ash yelled, stepping away from Misty.
"Sure! It'll probably be five dollars or so for the tickets, maybe cheaper if there's a matinee. Then there's the matter of popcorn and a soda, and maybe some candy."
"No way. There's no way I'm spending my money on a chick flick."

"Aw, that's too bad. There were a lot of cool pokémon battles in the movie." Allison said.
"Pokémon battles? Cool ones?" Ash repeated.
"Oh, sure! The main character has an Espeon, which does all these high-quality psychic attacks, and the bad guys have these neat looking--- well, like you said, you don't go for chick flicks." Allison said, glancing at Misty who was smiling as if thinking 'hook, line, and sinker'.

Ash sighed defeatedly and reached for his wallet. "Ugh, fine, you win. C'mon Misty, let's go see your chick flick. But those battles better be good!"

Allison pointed them toward the nearest movie theater, and they dashed off in hopes not to miss the next showing. Allison turned and faced Brock, smiling.

"So, shall I show you the town?"

{ * * * }

"Have you lived here long?" Brock asked as they walked down the street past many little shops.
"Mm-hmm, practically my whole life. My family moved here when I was only three years old. How about you?"
"Nah. My friends and I are just passing through. We're pokémon trainers, and Ash --the kid in the red hat-- is collecting Johto badges. We are actually on our way to Olivine City."
"Really? Sounds like fun. Are you collecting gym badges also?"
"No, I want to be a pokémon breeder. I enjoy raising them much more than battling them. Are you a pokémon trainer?"

Allison smiles and shakes her head.

"I have a few pokémon as pets, but I don't think I have what it takes to be a trainer. I'd hate to see them get hurt. I guess I'm just a softie."
"There's nothing wrong with caring for the welfare of your pokémon." Brock said, smiling at her. She looked up at him and returned the smile. They continued down the sidewalk silently.

As they reached the end of the block and turned the corner, Allison caught sight of Tony and Brett and clamped on to Brock's arm.

"I just caught a bad vibe, so you better keep your guard up." She whispered, looking around the area as if trying to pinpoint where the bad vibe came from. Brock looked around also and when he saw the two guys from the café he stopped in his tracks. Tony and Brett ran up to him and Allison until they were only three feet apart.

"Well, well, well. Check it out, Brett. Looks like this loser is moving in on my girl." Tony said while cracking his knuckles. Brett nodded and folded his arms. Allison held tighter onto Brock, and Brock frowned at Tony.
"According to Allison, she isn't your girl anymore. So why don't you just move along."

Tony looked at Allison and smiled.
"Really now? Is that so? That's nice but you see, I don't care. Now get away from her or else."

Brock shifted his weight so that he could stand his ground more fiercely. "No." he said.
"Please Tony, it's over." Allison pleaded. She glanced at Brett and nodded. "Brett, tell him! He always listens to you."

Brett shook his head and continued to glare at Brock. By now Tony was pretty angry and was opening and closing his fist as if preparing to fight.
"If you don't move away from my girl now, you'll regret it." Tony said through clenched teeth. Brock didn't move a muscle. Tony scrunched his face up and stepped back. He pulled out a pokéball and threw it to the ground. Out of it came an electabuzz, which growled incessantly at Brock. Small white sparks jumped from one of its antennae to the other and back again.

"Am I making myself clear?" Tony pressured. Brock reached with his right hand to his belt, but was surprised to find it empty.

"Oh no." He whispered.
"What's wrong?" Allison whispered back.
"All my pokémon are still at the Pokémon Center."

Allison looked up at him in shock, then glanced at Tony and his electabuzz.

"What should we do?" She whispered.
"Bluff it." He decided.

Brock looked straight at Tony and forced a laugh. "In a fight to earn your girl's respect back, your going to let someone else do the fighting for you? How pathetic."

Tony growled and gripped electabuzz's pokéball. "So, you want it hand-to-hand? Fine by me!" With that he recalled his pokémon and stepped up to Brock.

Allison told Brock to be careful, then unclamped herself from his arm and moved over to where Brett was standing. They both walked back a few feet, giving Brock and Tony some room to fight. Tony was constantly moving, a few steps to the right and then back to the left, while never taking his eyes off Brock. Brock on the other hand was completely still with his arms crossed across his chest.

Tony suddenly came flying at Brock, his fist out stretched in front of him. Brock dodged to the side and stuck out his leg, tripping Tony. Tony almost lost his balance but quickly regained it and spun around. Again he came at Brock with his fist, but Brock used his arm to defend himself against the blow. Tony continued to punch, and Brock continued to defend with his arms. Finally Brock half stepped back and caught Tony's fist in mid-punch. Brock began to close his hand, crushing Tony's fist in the process. Tony shouted out and struggled to pull his hand free, but it was to no avail.

"Ow-Alright! Uncle, uncle!" Tony shouted. Brock threw Tony to the ground and folded his arms against his chest again. Tony crashed to the floor and cradled his hand, which was ten different shades of deep red and purple. Brett ran over and helped Tony stand up while Allison ran over to Brock and stood next to him.

"You may have won this fight, but it's not over!" Tony shouted before he and Brett ran around the corner and out of sight.

Brock turned around toward Allison and grinned from ear to ear. Allison wrapped her arm around Brock's and leaned her head against his shoulder as they began their walk to the Pokémon Center.

"My hero." She smiled.

{ * * * }

Once Brock and Allison reached the Pokémon Center a half-hour later, they walked in and greeted Nurse Joy, who was standing behind the main counter.

"Hello Nurse Joy! I'm Brock, I was here earlier? Oh, and this is Allison, although I'm sure you already know her.
"Actually, I've never met---"
"Brock, don't forget to ask for your pokémon!" Allison said, cutting Nurse Joy off before she could finish her sentence. Brock nodded and walked up to the counter.

"I left my pokémon here earlier today, along with my friends'. Can I take mine back now?"
"Of course. Wait one moment please." Nurse Joy said. She turned around and walked to the back room, but not before giving Allison a funny look. She returned a minute later carrying a small tray that held five pokéballs.
"Here you go. Oh, and your vulpix was very jumpy today, maybe you should bring it out for some fresh air?" She said, handing the pokéballs over to Brock. Brock was about to thank Nurse Joy, but was interrupted by Allison's squeal.

"You have a vulpix?" She asked excitedly. Brock nodded as they walked to sit down on the couch in the main room. "What a coincidence! Vulpix is like one of my favorite pokémon!"
"Oh yes! I just love their big glossy eyes and their soft, silky fur! They're simply to die for." Allison gushed.
"Well, would you like to see my vulpix?" Brock asked, taking out a pokéball. Allison nodded her head.

Brock let the pokéball drop to the carpet floor, and out popped Vulpix. She glanced around quickly before jumping on the couch and sitting between Brock and Allison.

"How adorable!" Allison smiled, reaching out her hand for vulpix to sniff. Vulpix took one sniff and began to growl, deep in her throat. She suddenly lunged her head and bit Allison's hand, then jumped off the couch and ran across the room.

"Oh!" Allison said in shock, holding her hand. Small droplets of blood ran down her arm.
"Vulpix!" Brock scolded, standing up. He picked up Vulpix's pokéball and recalled her, then turned his attention to Allison.
"I'm so sorry! I don't know what got into Vulpix; I've never seen her do that before."
"Oh, don't worry about it Brock, I'll be fine. I'm just going to go to the bathroom and wash my hand off. I'll be right back."

With that Allison rushed down the hall and turned left, where the bathrooms and spare bedrooms were. She walked into the girls' bathroom and closed the door behind her. She ran her hand under the running water until her finger stopped bleeding, then dried it with a small washcloth. She rummaged through the drawers until she found a Band-Aid. After her finger was all taken care of, she examined herself in the mirror. She smoothed her blonde hair then reached into her pocket, pulling out a small cylinder tube of lipgloss. Leaning closer to the mirror that hung on the wall, she carefully added a new layer of lipgloss. She smacked her lips twice and admired the glossy reflection. After wiping the outside of the tube so that she left no fingerprints, she returned it to her pocket and grinned.

"Time to end this."

Brock felt pretty bad about what happened between Allison and Vulpix, so about a minute after Allison left for the bathroom, he followed her down the hall. He leaned against the wall next to a door, feeling awfully guilty.

Allison opened the bathroom door and walked out, surprised to find Brock only a few yards away.

"Oh, Brock, I didn't know you were waiting over here." Allison said, walking up to him. Brock looked up and shook his head.
"Allison, I'm really sorry. I feel terrible."
"Brock, it'll be okay. I'm fine, see?" Allison held up her hand to show him the little Band-Aid on her finger. "I know I don't have to worry about getting rabies or anything, because I know you take good care of your pokémon. In a few days, it'll only be a little scar." Allison smiled.

"Also, I wanted to thank you. For what you did earlier? It was really sweet of you to protect me from Tony. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there. Tony's bad news." Allison stepped closer to Brock. "You were so brave... I could..." She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away and looked into his squinty eyes, and he looked into her large eyes. They kissed again, this time much longer. Allison blindly reached for the door handle that they were next to and opened the door. They stumbled into the room, still kissing, and closed the door. She pushed him against the wall and kissed him harder, smearing her natural-flavored lipgloss all over his mouth.

{ * * * }

"See, wasn't that movie great?" Misty asked Ash as they walked out of the local movie theater. Ash yawned and stretched his arms high over his head.
"Not really. The popcorn was too oily and some annoying kid behind me kept kicking my seat."
"I meant the movie, not the movie theater!"
"Eh, it was okay. The only good part was at the very end when the ancient Umbreon and the ancient Espeon battle it out to see who will inherit the moon."
"Well, my favorite part was when Tamayo saved the girl from being eaten by the huge Gyarados and then they left to witness the ancients' fighting."
"What are you talking about? That scene was boring! She wasn't even close to being eaten. Anyway, you only liked it 'cause it had Trevor Motabei in it."
"Hee-hee-hee! All right, so I only liked the parts that had Trevor Motabei in it. Sue me! He's just so cool!" Misty smiled, holding her face in her hands. Ash sighed disgustedly and looked around at the different roads.

"Hey Misty, do you remember which way is to the Pokémon Center?"

{ * * * }

It's been almost fourteen minutes since Brock and Allison had started making out, and although Brock was thoroughly enjoying it, he couldn't help getting this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, like something was seriously wrong. Allison could tell that something was happening to Brock, and she grinned inwardly. She slowly moved her hand down Brock's back until she felt one of the loops on his belt. Then she moved her hand to the side until she found something small, hard, and metallic. She plucked each of the pokéballs that were attached to his belt and let them drop out of her hand onto the carpet floor, until she was sure she had counted five. A minute later she pulled away and looked at Brock.

"Are you alright?" She asked.
"Yeah, sure, I'm good. It's just... I didn't think you were this kind of girl."
"Well, there's a whole lot you don't know about me."
"I'd love to learn," Brock said earnestly. Allison smiled.
"That's sweet. Here, you can start by guessing what flavor my lipgloss is." Allison quickly kissed him again, then looked at him. Brock found the question rather odd, but went with it anyway. He licked his bottom lip, then tasted the flavor. He suddenly jerked his head up and studied her face in shock.

"It's... its raspberry... But I'm--"
"Allergic? I know."

Brock studied her face, slowly comprehending this fact. She seemed to be smiling, but Brock wasn't sure if it was true or his imagination. His vision was already beginning to get blurry. Allison stepped back a few steps from Brock, but kept her hand firmly planted on his shoulder to keep him standing.

"But why...?" Brock asked, raising his arms to hug his poisoned stomach. This time Allison did smile, and she smiled crudely.
"Because, dear, sweet Brock, you were just a pawn in this plan of mine."

Brock noticed that her voice went from her regular nice, sweet voice to a low, almost scornful tone. Allison took her hand away and Brock involuntarily leaned forward. He leaned back against the wall and glared at her through tearful eyes.

"You played me?" He said in a hurt voice. Allison simply nodded.
"You know, it wouldn't have been so bad if you weren't so... noble and Mr. Goodybar like. Now I'm going to be doing favors for Tony for like a week since you broke his hand."
"Wait. Those jerks that kept bothering you, they were in on this?" By now Brock was completely flustered.
"Of course. They're my teammates. Couldn't have pulled this off without them."

Brock stared at her, completely confused. His face must have clearly shown it, because she sighed and reached into her pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, her lipgloss also falling out. She unfolded the piece of paper, which was the size of a regular business card, and held it in front of Brock's face. Despite his pain and burred eyes, Brock clearly made out a large red "R".

"Team Rocket? You're apart of Team Rocket!" Brock reached to his belt to get a pokéball, but was shocked to find that he had none on him. Allison quickly picked up an empty pillowcase and filled it with Brock's pokéballs, which were laying on the carpet. Brock saw this and tried to grab at least one, but was much too weak and ended up falling to the ground.

"I'm sorry it had to end like this, Brock. You really are a sweet guy. But my job comes first." Allison was about to walk out the door, but Brock called out.
"Please, tell me how you knew. How'd you know... about me and my friends and everything." Brock choked out, his throat beginning to close as his body reacted to the raspberries.

"I followed you and your annoying little friends for about a week. I'm an elite Rocket member. I studied everything about you until I found a reasonable weakness, and then I used it against you. The scene at the café? Set up. Conveniently suggesting your friends leave for the movie? Simple. Your vulpix probably caught my scent from the river this morning, so it's no wonder the little bugger bit me. But no matter. Even that battle from yesterday was all a set up just so that you'd come to the little town of Nomai."

"M-my weakness?"
"Me. My gender. This." She blew him a kiss. "Never thought a girl could do so much damage, did you? Well, sweet dreams lover boy."

With that Allison walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. She walked down to the edge of the hallway and glanced around the corner to see Nurse Joy staring right in her direction. Deciding it was too risky to walk by her, Allison turned around and walked into the girls' bathroom. She looked around until she found a window large enough for her to climb through. Hopping onto the sink, she stood up and walked along a very narrow ridge that went around the whole room until she was under the window. She pushed open the screen and threw the bag through the window, then leapt through it herself. She landed with a soft thud on the other side and sprinted to the Asahi Café where her teammates waited for her.

{ * * * }

"About time we found this place." Ash said as he and Misty walked through the Pokémon Center doors.
"Who knew getting lost in a small town was so easy? Hey Nurse Joy, we've come to pick up our pokémon."

Nurse Joy quickly went into the back room and came back with two trays, one filled with pokéballs and the other holding Pikachu and Togepi.
"Here you are."
"Oh, and do you know if our friend Brock came here yet?" Ash asked as he clipped his pokéballs onto his belt.
"Yes, he and...uh, Allison? Well, they went to the back rooms over an hour ago." Nurse Joy said, pointing toward a hall on the other side of the room that turned sharply left.
"Thank you." Ash and Misty said, and they walked down to the hall.

"Wonder where they are?" Ash asked. The entire hallway was empty, without even a sign that they had been there.
"Maybe they ordered a room? We'll probably be staying here the night anyway." Misty suggested, knocking on one of the doors. After not hearing any response, she slowly opened the door and peaked in. It was too dark, so she turned on the light switch and walked in.

"Ash! Get in here!" Misty shouted. Ash rushed in to see what Misty had seen. Brock was laying on ground in a fetal position, passed out. Next to him was a small business card that only had a large red "R" on it. And Ash and Misty had seen that logo enough times to know what was behind this.
"Go get Nurse Joy. Quick." Misty ordered. Ash ran out of the room and Misty walked closer to Brock until she stepped on something. Bending down, she picked up a small tube of lipgloss. Turning it over, she read what it said:

"Lip Jam. puts the shine back in your smile. No artificial flavoring--100% natural. Flavor: Raspberry."

Misty sat down on the floor next to Brock and checked to see if he had a pulse. He had one, a very faint one.
"Oh, Brock. I had a feeling that she was trouble."

{ * * * }

Brock was rushed to the local hospital a few minutes after being found by his two friends, Ash and Misty. Brock was given medication to help subdue the allergies, along with other treatments to rid his body of the lipgloss that caused so much damage. If his friends had found him any later, there was a great possibility that he would not have survived. A report was submitted to the police that a young woman and two young male cohorts that are a part of Team Rocket, had created an elaborate scam to steal his pokémon. Only one pokémon was not taken, and by the rarest of chances. Brock was accidentally given an empty pokéball instead of one of his five pokémon. At this time Brock has not opened the pokéball to see which pokémon of his it is, due to physical and mental stress. He is currently resting at the hospital, but hopes to be out soon. When asked if he had a statement, he only said this:

"Women are evil."

"Hey! I resent that!" Misty shouts from behind the scenes. The TV news reporter sighs and signals to stop filming. A bunch of stage crew people scatter along the set, bringing coffee and donuts to the non-stage crew people. The TV news reporter walks up to Misty and explains that this is his report, and that Brock can say anything he wants his statement to be. Misty exhales angrily and walks away. Ash is busy eating all the donuts he can, while Pikachu and Togepi smuggle out some more into a plastic bag.

~{ * * * }~

A/N: Soo, how many omens did you catch from the first chapter? There were about 8 in total. See, there *was* a point to those first boring scenes! ^_^

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Written by Jade Smith
April 2002