Gran Gran

Kana, also known as "Gran Gran", is Katara and Sokka's caring grandmother on their father's side. She is the eldest in the Southern Water Tribe, but is not a waterbender. Although she had her doubts about Aang at first, when it was revealed that he was indeed the Avatar, she had regained hope; something she probably hasn't had for a long time. She cares deeply for her two grandchildren, and her son Hakoda, who left with the other men to help the Earth Kingdom in the war.

Kana was actually born in the Northern Water Tribe. When she was still fairly young, it was arranged that she would marry Pakku, a waterbender who was also rather young. Following the tribe's engagement tradition, Pakku carved a symbol into a charm necklace for her. Though he loved her very much and thought highly of their future together, Kana did not. So sometime before their wedding, Kana ran away and headed for the Southern Water Tribe. She didn't even say goodbye to her friends, although she did take the necklace with her. It was eventually passed down to her daughter-in-law, who in turn passed it down to Katara. But Kana never told her grandkids the history of that necklace, nor her 'past life' in the Northern Water Tribe.