People from the "Imprisoned" episode

This rather large unnamed mining village is located in a mountainous area near the coast in the Earth Kingdom. For 5 years the Fire Nation has taken control of this village; unfairly taxing its people and forbidding them to use their earthbending gifts. If the villagers break the rules, especially the no-earthbending one, they are taken away and are enslaved to work on a rig many miles from shore.

This is the village's marketplace. Lots of food, and people with cool peasant hats. Their outfits, while similar to Omashu in Earth Kingdom colors, are sometimes more simplified in print design, or more unique, depending on the person. Perhaps it differs by the villager's rank.

This is Haru, a teenage boy who has probably lived in this village his whole life. He's an intermediate earthbender, and learned everything he knows from his father who is also an experienced earthbender. Haru despises the Fire Nation for controlling his village and taking away his father, but he won't act on those feelings because he knows what the consequence would be if he did. He's rebellious enough to want to do something, but not enough to actually do it on his own. And he would be on his own; all the other villagers have given up on fighting back. He lives with his mother in a farmhouse higher up on the countryside, but they also have a shop inside the marketplace. Despite the Fire Nation's rule, Haru secretly practices his earthbending in a gorge far outside the village. Because Katara's inspiring words and courage left quite the impression on him, he's grown rather fond of her. ...He also has beautiful grass-green eyes.

This is Haru's father, Tyro. Tyro is an experienced earthbender and led the rebellion against the Fire Nation when they first attacked the village. Despite them being outnumbered 10 to 1, Tyro fought with much courage. But it wasn't enough, and he along with many other earthbenders were taken away never to be heard from again. Even on the rig his fellow earthbenders looked up to him and he took care of them like a good leader would. Hmm, maybe he is this village's leader? Although he gave up on trying to escape from the rig a long time ago, he focused on making sure his people survived, and holding out for the day the war ended and they could be let free.

This is Haru's mother. She takes care of their shop in the marketplace along with a lot of other chores and raising Haru since Tyro was taken away. She worries a lot about her husband and son, and continuously warns Haru to stop earthbending so he won't get taken away like Tyro was. It is unknown if she also has earthbending skills.

These men are the village's tax collectors. They're arrogant firebenders who casually threaten to burn your house down if you don't pay your taxes, no matter how outrageous the price might be. They are also the guards who come to retrieve revealed earthbenders. They are led by the man in the middle, who is also a firebender.

This is the stupid old man who sold Haru out. Despite Haru saving his life by using earthbending to push back the collapsed mine that was about to crush him, he still sold him out to the firebenders. UGH! Stupid old man. >_<

This is the Warden, the firebender in charge of the shipyard where the captured earthebenders are enslaved. He's rash, intolerant of any opposition to him, has a slimy personality and tone of voice (my skin crawls just thinking about it), and is known for throwing his own men overboard. His firebending skills are alright, and despite having a rig in the middle of the ocean, he can't swim.

This is the shipyard area where the captured earthbenders would stay when not working in the ship. They would eat and rest here during the day, but they slept in the sleeping quarters somewhere inside the ship at night. They had to wear potato-sack like gowns over their normal clothes, and often weren't given enough blankets at night to keep warm. The sludge they were given to eat wasn't much better. Before Katara came and inspired them to rebel, they basically just sat around, looking hopeless with broken spirits. But after they defeated the Warden & his men and escaped, their courage and fighting spirit was back and they were itching to reclaim their oppressed villages.