Jet and the Freedom Fighters

In a forested area of the Earth Kingdom countryside, a large band of kids live on their own. All of them have tragic tales; most resulting from Fire Nation attacks on their villages and families. Led by Jet, a charismatic teen, they live in an inter-connected hideout high in the trees. Either orphans or runaways, they all stick together for a common cause: to wreck havoc on the Fire Nation.

An Earth Kingdom town a few hours walking distance from their hideout has been under the control of the Fire Nation for a few years now. Jet and others aspired to free this village by causing as much trouble as they can to the Fire Nation soldiers stationed there, in hopes that one day they will leave for good. Ambushing the troops and cutting off their supplies is just a few of their tactics. No Fire Nation citizen is safe from their wrath, not even a defenseless old man.

Until Aang, Katara, and Sokka showed up, it seems that most of Jet's attacks on the Fire Nation were relatively small-time nuisances. But with the sudden appearance of the Avatar and a waterbender who instantly liked him, Jet's arsenal became a lot stronger. Although Sokka never trusted Jet and often voiced those opinions, Aang and Katara didn't listen and Jet made sure that they wouldn't. After gaining their trust, Jet fabricated a story about how the Fire Nation soldiers in the area were planning to burn his forest down, but if the reservoir had more water, they could fight the fire. Aang and Katara were eager to help.

By working together to waterbend water out of underground springs, they filled the reservoir to the brim. But when they returned to Jet, imagine their surprise when they realized the water was to be used to flood the Earth Kingdom town and wipe out the Fire Nation soldiers along with innocent villagers who lived there. And flood the town it did, despite Aang and Katara's attempts to stop Jet. But thankfully, Sokka managed to warn the town in time and the villagers escaped safely.

The Freedom Fighters

This is Jet, the leader. He seems to be the oldest and most mature of the group. He understands the meaning of sacrifice for the bigger picture, but his morals are a bit off-balance. He fiercely hates the Fire Nation and will do what ever it takes to bring them down, no matter how many innocents die along way.

When he was 8, the Fire Nation killed his parents in a raid on his village, and that day changed him forever. He constantly reminds himself of that day, using it to justify all the damage that he has done. His weapons of choice are the Twin Tiger-Head Hook Swords, and he is very skilled. He's also agile and can move through the trees like a monkey, making him a very challenging opponent both in the forest and on the ground. He's a smooth talker and has fuzzy brown hair; constantly chews on a twig, is always strategizing, and can easily take down a small army.

This is Longshot, nicknamed so because of his excellent skill and aim with the bow and arrow. Longshot's town was burned down sometime before he joined up with Jet, so it's my theory that whatever happened then is one of the reasons why he is so silent. He never speaks during the episode except to cheer or boo at Jet's speech along with the other kids. He wears a bluish outfit with a red mini-cape, a straw hat, and has intense black eyes.
This is Pipsqueak, the largest member of the group. Seriously, he's easily over 6-feet tall and is built thick. And I really have no idea how old he is. ^^; Besides the ironic name (maybe he was really tiny when he first joined?), he wears interesting armor and uses a big log as his weapon along with brute strength. Pipsqueak is defensive about his name, trusts Jet as the leader, and likes to eat lichi nuts. He can also be silly sometimes.
This is Smellerbee, one of the younger members in this group. She uses a snaked dagger as her weapon of choice, as well as any blades left behind from defeated Fire Nation soldiers. Though her past isn't mentioned, she follows the same train of thought as Jet when it comes to the Fire Nation. Because of this, Smellerbee and Pipsqueak usually go on missions together because Jet knows they won't turn against him & his plan.
This is The Duke, who is probably the youngest of the group. Jet said they found him sneaking around the food in their camp one day, and he's been with them ever since. They don't think he ever had a home. The Duke doesn't use any weapons when they attack Fire Nation soldiers, although he does drop down from the trees and rides the soldiers like a hog-monkey. ^^; The Duke doesn't talk too much and seems pretty loyal to Jet, but he has questioned some plans when it includes hurting innocent villagers.
This is Sneers, the least mentioned member in the group. Really. After being introduced to Aang & co, he fades into the background and is never spoken to again. But here's what I do know. He wears his hair in a topknot! And he doesn't fight with weapons, but with his own physical strength. Although he usually isn't seen accompanying Jet on important missions, he is seen in the background doing grunt work like moving supplies and stuff. Wheee.

Although there are many children living in this tree house village, these are the main six Freedom Fighters. However after the Earth Kingdom town was flooded, Katara froze Jet to a tree and left him there. It's not known if Jet's group members were able to free him, or if Fire Nation soldiers found and captured him. But will Jet and FF return in the future? One can only hope.