Kyoshi Island Residents

Kyoshi Island is located in the Southern seas and has been hidden from the war for decades. It is where Kyoshi, a previous Avatar, once made her home, has a fishing market that provides for places across the islands, and has its share of interesting non-bending residents and places of interest.

This is the chief of Kyoshi Island. He gives all of the orders and isn't kind to trespassers. However once he trusts that you are not a foe, he can be pretty nice.

These are the warriors of Kyoshi. The outfits and makeup that they wear is fashioned after Avatar Kyoshi, and they only train girls. Their style of fighting is to use the opponent's force against them by using different styles of martial arts, and attack/defend with two iron fans. They defend their home against any attack, and are led by Suki.

Here are some of the wonderful civilians of Kyoshi! Despite their clothes' strikingly similar design to the Water Tribes', these people are a part of the Earth Kingdom. Anyway, like a bustling village these people have many different jobs including cultivating food, fishing, selling said products, servicing, and more. There's also a local artist, and a Crazy Foaming Guy (on the far right) who is known for... well, foaming at the mouth when excited. He's a hit at all the parties, I'm sure. ^_^;

There's also the Aang Fan Club, as seen above; who adored "Aangy" and followed him everywhere he went. A pushy little girl named Koko (in the middle) leads them, as she has the biggest crush on Aang.

Kyoshi Island is also home to Elephant Koi and Unagi Eels, two very large types of sea creatures. Kyoshi also has some interesting architecture, like that beautiful handcrafted bridge and the very tall statue of Avatar Kyoshi that watches over the village. If/when the world returns to peace, Kyoshi Island will make quite the tourist spot.