City of Omashu Residents

The City of Omashu is very large and rests atop a stone platform in a canyon in a mountain range on the Earth Kingdom continent. Everything in the city is delivered by the slide-like chutes and earthbending guards. The population must be well over five thousand, maybe even more. There are tons of houses and buildings with all kinds of services, and the streets are filled with food venders and more.

King Bumi, a man who is more than what he seems, leads Omashu. Although his fashion sense is questionable, and sometimes the reasons for his decisions are unclear, he knows what he's doing and his followers trust him. Mostly.

The entire city is well guarded inside and out by earthbending guards. The guards' uniforms differ slightly depending on their job specification. The guards in the entrance to Omashu (left) have a fiercer look with the silver rivets on their arm cuffs and coat rims. The inner guards (middle) have a more casual attire with a friendly look to it. The palace guards (right) have a uniform similar to the inner-city guards, except the Earth Kingdom insignia is on their outer coat. The King's personal guards are like the guards on the right, except they wear a civilian-style hat with a thick yellow stripe running up the middle.

Omashu's civilians wear outfits similar to this Cabbage Merchant's; the green hues are a big tip off that he's a member of the Earth Kingdom. The design is interesting, but I presume they have another style for the warm summer days. Anyway, besides this merchant and his cabbage's constant destruction, there's also a pottery maker, many carpenters, restaurant workers, and many other jobs that weren't shown in the episode that starred this grand city.