Pirates of the Earth Kingdom Waters

First seen at this Earth Kingdom port in episode Nine, the pirates easily blend in with the other questionable merchants and shoppers found here. Who knows, maybe they're all pirates. Which means someone here has to be remotely like Sparrow, right? ...Right? *sighs* Moving on...

This is their pirate-y ship (which was not built by the Water Tribe). As you can see, it looks very similar to the other ships in the port - same color sails and wooden frame, etc. But there are small details that separate it from the others, like the black flag above the back sail, and that bird decor on the nose. Inside the ship is where they keep their treasures; from statues to scrolls, weapons and more. They travel from port to port selling their items to whatever sucker promising buyer they can find. Most of the items are up for haggling, though rare items are definitely not.

This is the Pirate Captain; leader of this band of... high-risk traders. Judging by his choice of clothing, it seems as if he is from the Fire Nation. He has gray hair, a really big hat, and a reptilian parrot. No, the parrot doesn't talk, but it does make a really loud screeching squawk. Captain's choice weapon is a sword, which he uses quite proficiently. He also has his share of ups and downs when it comes to common sense.   (Pro: Knows not to trade a 200-gold piece Waterbending Scroll for 2 copper pieces. Con: When the Waterbending Scroll is stolen, he wants to check out the forests. I mean, really now.)
This Earth Kingdom-dressed pirate, although isn't called by a name in the show, is known as the pirate barker via the ending credits. Besides the Captain, he has the most speaking parts and character development (sorta kinda) so it's my assumption that he's the Captain's right-hand man. His choice weapons are the Butterfly Knives, but he also has a stash of smoke bombs.
This is one of the seven pirates who follow under the Captain; ye of brown pants and no shirt. Yeah, he isn't given a name. In fact... none of the pirates are. How sad. Anyway, this guy's choice weapon is the nunchaku, and I get the feeling that (since he's shirtless and all) he's a nod to Bruce Lee. Or Jackie Chan. Or some other famous fighter guy. Yeah. Perhaps I'm just reading too much into it.
This Water Tribe pirate is the smallest of the bunch and does the least amount of physical fighting. However his skills with a Meteor Hammer, his weapon of choice, is nothing to smirk at. He is so proficient at using it; it's basically like a third arm. A really, really long arm. It's perfect for stealing items from enemies, tying them up and tossing them about, or just hitting 'em really hard. A great choice since it means there'll be fewer chances of ruining that stylish outfit.
These Fire Nation pirate brothers are next on the list. At least, I think they're brothers. I mean, they practically look like twins! Anyway, Brother 1 (left) uses the Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon Sword, while Brother 2 (right) uses two Kama. Meaning One has a balance of offense & defense, while Two is mostly offense.
This nation-ambiguous pirate is the oldest and tallest of the group. He also has blue hair and a red heart tattoo on the back of his head! That's one radical pirate, yo. ^^' Anyway, his weapon of choice is the Naginata. At least, I think it is.
This Water Tribe pirate is the largest and strongest of 'em all. He also has a golden ring above each bicep, but the animators forgot about it in this pic. He uses a heavy crossbow, but his weapon of choice is the Guan Dao. Maybe I'm reading too much into this again, but I think this pirate is a nod to General Guan Yu, the creator of the Guan Dao. From what I've read, the General was also a fairly large man. Just a thought.

And that's all of the pirates! Unfortunately, there's no reference to Sparrow anywhere. *le sigh* But, I will leave you with this enduring question...

Are you brave enough to look into this bag??