Ty Lee

Ty Lee, the daughter of a nobleman, is a childhood friend of Princess Azula and Mai. The three of them attended the Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls together, however sometime later Ty Lee ran off to join the circus. She's been skilled in acrobatics from a young age, and really felt like the circus was her calling.

Sometime later, Azula reunited with Ty Lee in order to ask her to join the mission to track down Zuko and Iroh. However, Ty Lee was the star attraction of the circus show, and was very happy there. She told Azula that her aura had never been pinker, and didn't want to join the mission. But Azula went to Ty Lee's next show, where she ordered the safety net to be set on fire, and the release of all of the circus' dangerous and exotic animals "to make things more interesting". After the show, Ty Lee agreed to join Azula's mission, saying the Universe was giving strong hints for a career change. Ty Lee now travels with Azula and Mai on their hunt for Zuko and Iroh in the Earth Kingdom.

Ty Lee is a cheerful and spirited girl, but is not to be underestimated in battle. She can move very quickly, and her acrobatic skills and knowledge of pressure points to disable Bending and regular movement makes her a potent threat. However, she remembers Iroh as being "really funny", and after the second confrontation with the heroes, she thinks Sokka is "kinda cute."