Chapter Two:
The Avatar Returns

Written by: Michael Dante Dimartino, Bryan Konietzko
Additional Writing: Aaron Ehasz, Peter Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg
Directed by: Dave Filoni

Voices provided by:
Aang: Mitchel Musso   Katara: Mae Whitman   Sokka: Jack DeSena
Prince Zuko: Dante Basco   Uncle Iroh: Mako
Gran Gran: Melendy Britt   Appa: Dee Bradley Baker

Episode Recap

Aang and Katara come back from the ship to be greeted by many angry faces. They know their lives are in danger. The villagers decide to banish Aang from the South Pole. Katara decides that she's banished too, knowing that Aang didn't mean to put their lives in danger. However she ends up going back to Sokka and Gran-Gran, the last of her family.

Aang and Appa ride off together, knowing they aren't welcome. Katara is quite frustrated that they have banished him, and snaps at her Grandmother.

Then, we have more warrior training, hosted by Sokka! *laughs*

We check back on Aang and Appa, who have made their new "home" right outside the South Pole, in an iceberg that sort of looks like the number eight. Appa lays on his back in the large lower circle, while Aang sits on the smaller upper circle. They miss Katara, and the South Pole. Eh, mostly Katara.

We check back at the South Pole to find Sokka preparing for battle. He is putting on his uniform, makeup, and weaponry. The 'camera' changes to see Prince Zuko doing the same, minus the makeup.

Sokka stands on one of the outer city walls, waiting for the arrival of a "small" Fire Nation ship. The ground begins to shake, and he is face to face with a VERY large ship, owned by Prince Zuko. The ship plows through the ice, nearly hitting Sokka.

It destroys the wall, right where Sokka is standing. He slides down with the small avalanche created by the ship. The door opens to the ship, and down comes Prince Zuko and his "minions." Sokka is no match for Prince Zuko, who easily beats him.

Prince Zuko is looking for the Avatar. He grabs Gran-Gran, and says that he [the avatar] is about this old, comparing her to the age of the Avatar.

Then, Sokka tries to fight him again. A little boy throws Sokka a spear, yelling "SHOW NO FEAR!" to him. It's wonderful. ^^

Then he loses again. Aang comes to the rescue, on a penguin, and knocks over Prince Zuko. "Looking for me?" He asks, as Prince Zuko frustratingly looks at the Airbender, knowing he's the Avatar. Sokka and Katara gasp. They didn't know HE was the Avatar! Aang tries to fight Prince Zuko off, but cannot. He decides to surrender, if it means that he can save the village... and Katara. It's a very touching and emotional moment.

Katara and Sokka want to go after Aang, to save him from Prince Zuko. They are about to go in a small canoe, when Appa comes over the hills. They change their minds about the canoe, and decided to try and fly Appa.

Back to Prince Zuko's ship... The guards are sent to take Aang away, while Prince Zuko asks Uncle Iroh to take the glider to his quarters. Then Uncle Iroh gives the job to a nearby guard. (Very funny)

Aang is being led down a large metal hallway, threatening the guards, then running temporarily free.

Back to Katara, Sokka and Appa. They don't know how to make him fly, until Sokka suggests "Yip-Yip" as a command. Appa takes off into the air, and Sokka is really excited... LOL, it's priceless.

Aang is confronted by more guards, before airbending himself free (again) and running into Prince Zuko's quarters. Prince Zuko finds him there, and confronts him in possibly the coolest battle yet. Aang escapes, but Prince Zuko is not far behind. Actually, he's hanging onto Aang's leg. Katara and Sokka follow closely behind the ship, when Aang is thrown overboard.

Aang begins to sink, but then his Avatar spirit kicks in and he waterbends (yes, you read that right) out of the sea and back onto Prince Zuko's ship, winning the battle with waterbending. Appa, Katara and Sokka land on the ship, and rush over to a very exhausted Aang. When Aang asks for his staff, Sokka runs over to get it, to find that Prince Zuko is hanging onto it for dear life (he's hanging over the side of the ship).

Sokka shakes Prince Zuko off the staff. "That's from the Water Tribe!"

A few of the soldiers start to recover, and Katara uses some of the leftover water, covering them in ice as it freezes. Sokka chips away some of the ice at his feet with his boomerang, and they are off.

That is, until Uncle Iroh and Prince Zuko shoot a fireball at them. But by using his airbending, Aang deflects the attack into the cliffside, causing a large avalanche that covering their boat in snow and ice.

We go back to Appa and the group, as they have a conversation about how Aang is the Avatar.

"Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?"

"Because I never wanted to be."

After a quiet moment, Katara tells how long the world has been waiting for the Avatar to return, and with more talking, they decide to stick together to help Aang. Their first destination: the North Pole to master Waterbending. Well, after they ride the hopping llamas and etc first. ^^;

-- Recap by Koikitten