Chapter Nine:
The Waterbending Scroll

Written by: John O'Bryan
Head Writer: Aaron Ehasz
Directed by: Anthony Lioi

Voices provided by:
Aang: Zach Tyler Eisen   Katara: Mae Whitman   Sokka: Jack DeSena
Prince Zuko: Dante Basco   Uncle Iroh: Mako  Appa: Dee Bradley Baker
Pirate Barker: Bryen Mckittrick  Pirate Captain: Jack Angel  Cabbage Merchant: James Sie  Fire Nation Soldier: Jim Meskimen

Episode Recap

Aang is pacing around, nervous that he won't be able to learn the four elements in time. Katara offers to help teach Aang waterbending, and says that she needs to find a good source of water. Sokka sarcastically says "We'll find a puddle for you to splash around in."

They find a nice river inlet with a beautiful waterfall. Sokka goes off to clean Appa's feet, while Aang and Katara practice.

Prince Zuko is practicing his firebending, when the ship takes a sharp turn. He realizes that somebody has changed course. Rushing into the inside of the ship, Uncle Iroh says that he has lost a Lotus tile for his game and needs to find one to replace it.

Katara shows Aang simple moves, and he masters them quickly, making Katara very jealous. Including how to make a large wave. Katara can't, but Aang easily makes a large wave, crashing into Sokka and Appa. They lose all of their supplies down the river from the wave.

They go into a local town which is full of pirates. They look inside a ship where they find a waterbending scroll, which will not be sold for less than 200 gold coins. Aang only has two copper pieces left (there were three.... but Aang spent one on a whistle). He refuses to sell it to them.

They leave, but the pirates begin to chase after them. Cabbage Guy from "The King of Omashu" comes back in this episode, just to have his cabbages destroyed AGAIN. "This place is worse than Omashu!" The group gets away, wondering why the pirates were after them.

It turns out that Katara stole the waterbending scroll.

Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh make it to the the village, and cannot find the lotus piece.

Katara practices a move called the "Single Water Whip" but cannot succeed. Aang quickly does the move with ease, causing Katara to snap at him in jeaulosy. She gives him the waterbending scroll.

Prince Zuko teams up with the pirates to find the Avatar.

During the night, Katara steals the scroll back and goes to practice, getting herself captured by Prince Zuko.

He ties her to a tree, asking her to tell him where the Avatar is, in exchange sparing her and her brother AND giving her back the necklace! She refuses, and the pirates run off to find the Avatar. They capture Aang and Sokka, tying them up.

Some clever suggestions from Sokka causes the pirates to turn against Prince Zuko. A fight breaks out, leaving Sokka and Aang right in the middle of it all. Momo rescues Katara, and the two boys fend for themselves, quickly breaking free of the ropes.

Momo grabs the waterbending scroll back from the pirates, with the pirate Captain's reptile bird on his tail. Once the gang is reunited, they run over to Prince Zuko's ship, needing a way to get out of the battle.

Aang and Katara waterbend the pirates' ship into the river, before jumping on. Then, a hilarious part with the pirates, a "proverb", and then Prince Zuko's boat... I won't spoil it for you. Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh run after the ships.

Aang and Katara save the boat by "pushing and pulling the water" when the pirate ship comes and destroys Prince Zuko's boat. They jump off, over the falls, and Appa saves them.

It turns out that the lotus chip was in Uncle Iroh's sleeve the whole time, and Prince Zuko grabs it out of his hand and throws it over the falls in frustration.

Katara apologizes to Aang about snapping at him before. She is forgiven, and another adventure is ready to begin.

-- Recap by Koikitten