Chapter Fourteen:
The FortuneTeller

Written by: Aaron Ehasz, John O'Bryan
Head Writer: Aaron Ehasz
Directed by: Dave Filoni

Voices provided by:
Aang: Zach Tyler Eisen   Katara: Mae Whitman   Sokka: Jack DeSena
Appa/Momo: Dee Bradley Baker   Aunt Wu: Tsai Chin   Meng: Jessie Flower
Calm Man: Clyde Kusatsu

Episode Recap

A green koi leaps into the air in front of the three travelers. Sokka takes it as a challenge and throws out his fishing line, when he realizes it’s not there. He asks the others where it is, and Aang apologizes and holds up a skillfully woven necklace with a pink flower in the center. Sokka tramples into the water instead with his knife, attempting to catch the green koi by hand.

Aang gives the necklace to Katara, saying that since she lost her other one, this one could replace it for now. Katara puts it on, and when Aang turns around, he sees Katara in a completely new light. He blushes and in the background Sokka says, “Smoochy, smoochy; someone’s in the love.” Sokka is holding the green koi when saying this and it tail whips him in the face and makes him fall back into the water. Katara says Aang is just a sweet little friend and this makes Aang feel a bit downhearted.

A roar comes from the forest and the three rushes over to see what’s going on. They see an old man with a pleasant smile on his face, evading the claws of a giant platypus bear. Aang, Katara, and Sokka start shouting advice such as “play dead” or “hit it with a rock and run.” Aang finally leaps into the fray, but Appa is the one who scares the platypus bear from behind. It leaves behind an egg, which Sokka proclaims as lunch.

Sokka says the man would have been dead if it weren’t for them, but the old man with the nonchalant smile said there was no real danger. He continues on about the fortuneteller of his village whose name is Aunt Wu. Sokka, ever the skeptical one, doesn’t believe in fortune telling. He points out that the man was in danger but the man answers that he wasn’t harmed at all and continues on his walk. He also gives them a gift from Aunt Wu, an umbrella, and a few moments later it begins to rain.

At this, Katara says they should visit this Aunt Wu and Sokka tries to prove her wrong by predicting, “It’s going to keep drizzling” in a goofy voice. Just then it stops drizzling.

The three make way past the gateway into the village that is built below a towering volcano. They arrive at the fortuneteller’s house and Meng comes into the show. On first sight, she sees Aang in a completely different light and notices his big ears. As she goes off to get some food for the travelers, a lady comes out saying that her true love would give her a panda lily. At this, Meng attempts to gain Aang’s attention by saying, “I wish my true love would give me a rare flower.” Aang doesn’t take the hint and says; “Good luck with that.” The lady who came out of the fortuneteller’s room asks Meng if the guy with the arrows was the one Aunt Wu said Meng would marry. Meng blushes and continues on her way to serve the refreshments. She dazedly looks at Aang and ends up tripping. But before the tray splatters all over the floor, Aang catches the tray (aww… ^_^).

Aunt Wu enters into the guestroom and Katara, the most anxious, is the first to get her fortune read. Aang and Sokka are left in the room; Sokka stuffing his face and Aang asking him what he thinks they’re talking about. The mention of the word “love” gets Aang up on his feet and he excuses himself, saying he has to go to the bathroom.

Instead of going though, Aang eavesdrop on Katara and Aunt Wu and is satisfied when Aunt Woo sees Katara’s future husband as a powerful bender. This prediction makes Aang do some kind of jig with this wide smile on his face. He hurries back to the guestroom and Aunt Wu asks for the next person. Sokka gets up, but on first sight, Aunt Wu predicts that he will face many hardships, mostly self-inflicted. A stupefied look crosses Sokka’s face and he says that she didn’t even read his palms or anything. Aunt Wu says, “I don’t have to; it’s written all over your face.”

So Aang is left to have his fortune read. She uses the bone method. Aang chooses a bone from the pile and throws it into the fire. A huge crack appears and many more follow afterwards. The fire flares up and becomes as large as a bonfire while Aunt Woo looks in shock, reading Aang’s fortune: “You will be involved in a great battle; a battle between the forces of good and evil (how many times have we heard that line?); a battle which will determine the fate of the whole world!”

Since Aang already knows his destiny as the Avatar, he is not surprised by this and asks Aunt Wu about love. She is surprised about this and says she didn’t see anything on the subject. Aang has this downcast look on his face and Aunt Wu picks up a chip of the bone that flew from the fire and holds it up to Aang. She pretends to have just noticed it and tells Aang that it says to trust his heart and he will be with the one he loves. Aang is greatly pleased by his fortune and thanks Aunt Wu.

The three walk out of the fortuneteller’s home and Sokka remains even more skeptical than before. Katara says he doesn’t believe Aunt Wu because of his fortune. Sokka denies it and kicks at a rock to let out his anger, but the rock hits a sign and bounces back at his head (Ouch that must have hurt :-D). Katara asks Aang what Aunt Wu predicted for him and he answers that she would soon figure out.

Later, the villagers are looking up at the sky, which is filled with many fluffy white cumulus clouds. Aang points out one that looks like a fluffy bunny, but the calm man from before says that a fluffy bunny foreshadows doom and destruction. Meng approaches Aang and points out a flower-shaped cloud. Aang pushes her aside without a thought and says the same thing to Katara. Katara shushes Aang and the two watch as Aunt Wu stands beneath an awning observing the clouds and referring to her cloud reading book.

From the clouds, Aunt Wu predicts a year of good harvesting, a good year for twins, and that the volcano would not destroy the village. While the villagers are cheering, Aang tries to confess to Katara his feelings for her, but she does not hear him.

After the cloud predictions Katara visits Aunt Wu yet again, this time wanting to know what her husband would be like.

Sokka stomps around the village, trying to convince people that Aunt Wu’s predictions are wrong. He grabs a man by the shirt and asks him whether Aunt Wu told him to wear red shoes. The man looks lovesick and says that Aunt Wu told him that he would meet his true love while wearing red shoes. Sokka asks him one last question, which is how often he’s been wearing them. The man unthinkingly answers, “Everyday!” A red fire erupts in the background to represent Sokka’s exasperation as he says, “Then of course it’s gonna come true!” He kicks at another rock that hits a duck this time, and the duck begins to peck at Sokka’s head. Sokka goes along trying to convince the people that reason was more reliable than fortune telling.

Aang asks Sokka about love (not the best idea at all) and Sokka tells him that the best way to get a girl is to act more aloof, and to not be too nice. In the background, Sokka sees Meng, and comes to the conclusion that Aang likes Meng. He’s surprised how well Aang follows his advice when Meng comes over and says hi and he responds by, “See you later.”

Katara is in the fortune-telling room and Aunt Wu is giving her a detailed look into her future. When she ends, Katara asks what she should wear the next day. Aunt Wu finally pushes her outside and Katara asks whether she should eat a mango or a papaya. Aunt Wu answers papaya and slams the doors shut. Katara turns around dejectedly, grumbling that she hates papaya.

Aang is waiting for Katara outside, acting like he didn’t notice her there. Katara passes him by and goes off to the marketplace where Aang continues to try get Katara’s attention by acting aloof. Katara leaves, clueless to Aang’s futile attempts. Aang then sees a couple hugging each other and the lady holding a rare panda lily. He comes in between them and asks where they got it.

Aang manages to drag Sokka along with him as they trek and climb the volcano to get one of these flowers. Sokka can’t believe that Aang has fallen for Aunt Wu’s advice and Aang answer, “Well, she hasn’t been wrong yet; why should she be wrong about love?” Aang spots the rare flower at the rim of the volcano. He then sees boiling lava inside the volcano and drops the panda lily saying, “Aunt Wu was wrong.” Aang tells Sokka to grab hold of him as he glides down the volcano to warn the villagers.

They meet up with Katara who is waiting outside the fortuneteller’s house. Sokka tells her that the volcano is about to erupt, but Katara is doubtful of him since he has been trying to convince everyone that Aunt Wu was wrong. Katara then feels the ground shake and sees smoke billowing out at the mouth of the volcano. Together, they try to convince the villagers that the volcano is going to erupt and to take fate into their own hands. They remain calm and disperse; blind to the fate they have placed themselves in.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka come up with a plan to convince the villagers otherwise. Aang sneaks into Aunt Wu’s room and tries to find the cloud reading book but to no avail. Meng, who has come up behind him, startles him. Meng accepts the fact that Aang does not like her but feels rejected when Aang tells her himself. She goes on about how Katara is such a beautiful waterbending girl. To cheer her up, Aang tells her that she’ll meet a great guy who will completely fall for her. After this, she brings out the cloud reading book in her hands and admits that she has been stalking him ever since she set eyes on him.

Together, Aang and Katara bend the clouds into the shape of volcanic doom. Sokka shows this to Aunt Wu who sees a skull in the clouds. Aang, Katara, and Sokka tell the villagers and any earthbenders to dig a trench leading to the river. A trickle of lava flows down and Aang calls for an evacuation of the trench. One more eruption causes the mouth of the volcano to be covered. As it flows heedlessly down the volcanic slopes and disintegrates a gateway, Aang, Katara, and Sokka watch from the top of the trench rim.

When Katara realizes the trench is about to overflow, it seems as if the village is going to be destroyed and Katara and Sokka back away. Aang has a dutiful look on his face as he runs toward the oncoming lava. He jumps high into the sky and brings together a giant force of air then takes it back down with him. He drives back the lava with swift motions of airbending and blows outwards to cool the wall he has created. Sokka and Katara gaze in awe at the feat Aang has accomplished. Sokka replies dumbstruck, “Sometimes I forget what a powerful bender that kid is.” Katara wakes out of her reverie and says, “Wait, what did you say?” Sokka says, “Nothing, just that Aang is one powerful bender.” Katara gazes up at the Aang who was at first a child but now a very powerful being. She ends with the statement, “I suppose he is.”

In a last attempt, Sokka advises the villagers not to rely too much on one person. The calm man says that Aunt Wu was right though; the village was not destroyed. Sokka rushes up to him and says, “I hate you” with much loathing.

The village is safe, and Aang returns the cloud reading book to Aunt Wu who compliments him on his wit. Aang asks Aunt Wu that what she told him about love was true or not. She says, “I’ll tell you a little secret. Just as you reshaped the clouds, you have the ability to shape your own destiny.”

The three ride off on Appa and you last see Meng waving goodbye.

-- Recap by Daxiaoqiao