Because we just can't get enough of Avatar, here are some things to keep ya busy in case you get bored.

Which Avatar Character Are You? quiz
My semi in-depth quiz to see who you relate to best.

Original Avatar Mary Sue quiz
by Kodocha13. Is your fanfic a Mary Sue? Take this to find out!

Which Character on Avatar Are You?
ClickyGurl's personality quiz. Games:

Avatar Arena
A fighting game where you can choose your element and customize your player! It's in Spanish, but easy enough to understand.

Ashes in the Air
Help Aang and Katara put out the fires before the town burns!

Fortress Fight
Destroy the opponent's fortress before they destroy yours!

Amulet Quest: The Four Stones
Play as Aang in this 2D adventure side-scroller!

Avatar Hangman
Figure out the word before Aang gets fireblasted by Zuko!

Treetop Trouble
Play as Sokka racing against time to save the village from Jet!

Avatar WordSearch
Search for Avatar-related words while Aang jumps around. ^-^

Autumn Twilight
Play as a waterbender or earthbender in this 3D rpg game!