Write Stuff for Distant Horizon!

As you may have noticed, I'm starting to fall behind with the updates. So many things to do and write; I can't do it all by myself anymore. And that's why I'm asking you for help.

Do you like to write? Or search out info for certain aspects of the Avatar show? Then dude, have I got a job for you. And by "job" I mean, it's totally volunteer work with no pay. ^-^;

Oh, and please. If you're going to write something for this site, do your own work! Don't copy it from another fansite. OK?

Here's a list of things that currently need to be done.
If you're interested in writing one, click on it for more info.

  Help sorting through the Fanfic, Fanart, & Wallpaper submissions.
  An info/stats page on the show's main voice actors.
  If interested, a fashion page on the different nations.
  Info page on the culture of the four nations.
  Anything else you can think of!


Help sorting through the Fanfic, Fanart, & Wallpaper submissions

I can no longer keep up with the fandom submissions that people send in while also trying to manage the site updates and sprite making. Therefore, I need help with the submissions.

Fanfics: I need someone who is willing to read (or at least skim) through the fanfics that people that send in, and if acceptable, write out the information needed for the Fanfic page. This includes the basic fic stats (rating, genre, multi-chapter or one-shot), as well as the summary and proper story/author links.

Fanart: Due to the amount of submission I get, I need a few people to help out with this one. ^^; But most importantly, the people who volunteer to help with this need to have a real paint program. (MS Paint does not count). Helpers will take in the fanart, make a 45x45 thumbnail, and possibly resize the actual fanart if it is insanely huge. I will give helpers access to my ImageShack account where they can upload the fanart, but then they will email me back with the link (to to the fanart) as well as the thumbnail & artist's name/email. I will then add these to DH myself.

Wallpapers: Also a section that needs lots of help. Again, volunteers need to have a real paint program. They will take in the wallpapers and if needed, resize them to be 800x600 or 1024x768. They will also make a 205x154 thumbnail of the wallpaper. They can then upload the actual wallpaper to my ImageShack account, then email me the link along with the thumbnail and artist's name/email. I will then add these to DH myself.

If you would like to help me sort through the fanfic, fanart, or wallpaper submissions, please email me here for more info. Thank you!



Info/Stat Page on the Show's Main Voice Actors

Since it's the voice actors who help bring the show's characters to life, it only right that there should be a page dedicated to who they are. It doesn't have to be very in-depth since there are already many sites dedicated to that, but I would like to cover the basics. Name, birthday, where they're from, other shows or work that they've done, stuff like that.

If you want to write all of it or just the bio for one of the voice actors, and need more info or have already finished it, please email it to me here. Thanks!



A Fashion Page on the Different Nations

Each nation has their own unique set of clothes/uniforms, and even within their nation (like the Earth Kingdom) the design varies by region. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the fashion design of the Avatar world, so I would love to have a page dedicated to it.

I'll get around to making this page eventually, but if you would like to go ahead and write it, that would be great. Having a sense for fashion and the terminology would also be helpful. ^^; I'll take care of the screenshots, so all that really needs to be done is making a list of the different clothing shown so far for each nation (and the episode they're in), and a description of how the clothes look and work.

If you want to write the page and need more info, or have already finished it, please email it to me here. Thanks!



Info Page on the Nations' Culture and Stuff

The Avatar nations are very interesting, and actually take influence from certain cultures in the real world. If anyone is interested in researching the cultures the Nations take influence from, or writing an article on the nations themselves, that would be super helpful.

I know it's still early in the show and there is still much to learn about the four nations, but I see the articles as a work in progress. When new information becomes available, you are more than welcome to update* your article.

If you want to write about one of the nations or all four and need more info, or have already finished it, please email it to me here. Thanks!


*You won't actually update the online article yourself. Email me the parts of the article you updated, and I'll add them to the online article myself. Heh, sorry, but no one's allowed inside MG.com but me. ^^;


You have ideas? I'm all Ears

Distant Horizon is constantly a work in progress. There's always something new to add or update, so I'm always falling behind in one area of the site or another. So if you ever come across something on the site and think to yourself, "Man, I could so help take care of that." then please, lend me your aid.

Or if you have an idea for a new page or section, or perhaps like to write articles/theories and want others to hear your thoughts. Let me know! I might not say "yes", but at least you'll have put the idea out there.

If you an idea or proposition for DH, please email it to me here.

*Please Note!*
I will not add music videos or downloadable episodes to DH.
I don't have enough room for MVs, and the other is illegal. --;


Thank you very much! ^_^