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Layout 5 - 2nd Birthday

For: Avatar & DH's 2nd birthday
Lasted: Feb 21 '07 - Mar 1 '07
Comments: For the two-year anniversary, I made birthday balloons featuring Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, and the number 2. Along with adding these balloons to the layout, I made small sprite versions which can be found on the DH Sprite Site under "Holidays".

Layout 5 - Midnight Version

For: Halloween 2006
Lasted: Oct 30 '06 - Nov 2 '06
Comments: I had so much fun making this! It's the first really dark layout the site ever had, which was a refreshing break. I used color filters to make it look like it was night, and added stars to the sky. I drew the pumpkins and those glowing blue things in the background, which are suppose to be spirits. There's symbolism with the front house's lamp blown out, but you can interpret it however you want.

Layout 4 - Easter Egg Hunt

For: Easter 2006
Lasted: April 15 '06 - April 20 '06
    Egg Location Answers
Comments: I was short on updates, so I made an easter egg hunt in the layout to make up for it. ^^; It was fun drawing all those eggs though, and this layout image was perfect for it. You too can look for the eggs by clicking on the layout image. Can you find all 13? ^_^; Have fun!

Layout 4 - DH no nihongo ga yomeru ka?

For: April Fool's Day 2006
Lasted: April 1 '06
Comments: AHAHAHA. I stayed up all night translating the main site pages into Japanese, and it was so worth it. I received so many messages asking what happened to the site; it was hilarious. Well, for me anyway. xP I never did finish translating the Merchandise, Site, and Links pages though. Maybe later. The Japanese site is still viewable; just click on the layout image to bring the page up.

Layout 3 - Celebrate!

For: Avatar & DH's 1st birthday!
Lasted: Feb 21 '06 - Mar 1 '06
Comments: For the one-year anniversary, I added confetti to the background, and drew a cake and forks for Aang. Can Aang even eat while in the avatar state? Hmm.

Layout 3 - Santa Hat

For: Christmas 2005
Lasted: Dec 20 '05 - Jan 1 '06
Comments: Not much to say about this one. The first holiday manip for the site, and it's pretty simple. The only difference between the normal Winter layout and this is that I added a santa hat to Aang's head. Kinda cute though.

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