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11/12/23: I'm not back, but have you seen the Netflix trailer for their live action ATLA series? It premieres February 22, 2024! (nearly the same day as the original series, don't think I didn't notice!) Anyway, you can watch it here.
(ngl I'm like *_* at the backgrounds/locations. I hope it'll be good!)

9/19/18: Big news!! It has been confirmed that Netflix has ordered a live-action series based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, with co-creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko acting as the showrunners and executive producers. Equally important, they are quoted as wanting to realize this show with "a culturally appropriate, non-whitewashed cast." Aaaaaaaa. This new show is said to start production in 2019.

1/28/18: The Wallpapers are back up and working -- apparently they've been down because of the previous hosting site they were on. They're now all hosted here on DH, which means they'll be available as long as this site is working, but can no longer be hotlinked. If you want to use them on another site, you'll have to upload them to somewhere else. I'll be checking the Fanart page soon for downed links as well, but if ya'll run into any other pages/links that aren't working, please let me know! :)

11/20/17: The APCC contest results are up! Congratulations to top winners DietCheesePlease, Molly, Christine, Jeff, and Mod's Choice winner, Airbender Alliya! Many thanks to everyone who entered and voted in this contest's final year, and much love and appreciation to everyone who participated over the past 13 years. This couldn't have gone on for as long as it did without each and every one of you. :) Stay flamin', Pumpkin Benders!

11/6/17: Voting has begun for the final Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest! There are eleven lovely entries, and the poll will stay open until Sunday November 19th, so please be sure to vote and share the link! Thank you to everyone who entered!

10/1/17: It's October; must be time for DH's annual Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest! Except... this will be the final year. I have loved being a part of this contest for the past 13 years and seeing all of the ATLA/LoK carvings that ya'll have done, as well as making prizes for the winners. I wish it could go on forever, but, as participation gets smaller and my free time gets shorter, it seems like it's time to close this chapter.

So! Please celebrate APCC's final year with me! The deadline to enter a carving is Sunday, November 5th (10 PM PST), and if you would like to provide a quality prize for one of the winners (be it fanart, a craft, etc) please email me for more info. Thank you!

(and if anyone's wondering -- no, I'm not taking these sites down. They will stay up for as long as I'm able.)

1/5/17: Happy New Year! The 9-minute Legend of Korra fan film by Art School Dropouts is out! You can watch it here on Youtube, and make sure you do -- it's got great moves and effects!

12/24/16: Happy Holidays! Youtube group Art School Dropouts are making a Legend of Korra fan film that premieres January 5th. You can watch the trailer for it here on Youtube -- looks to be good! :)

11/30/16: An old affiliate has been re-added -- The Avatar RP! If you are looking for a Korra-based role-playing forum, you should check it out. :) The links page has also been updated.   A three-part graphic novel was also announced that will follow the ending of The Legend of Korra finale, called Turf Wars. It is being written by show co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino, and illustrated by Irene Koh. The first part is due out in June 2017. You can read more about the announcement at Entertainment Weekly and the Dark Horse blog.

11/21/16: Voting for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest is finished, and congrats to the top winners; Roku Alone, Jade, Fanwoman, Moku's Djembe, and Mod's Choice winner Cam! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, and happy holidays!

11/6/16: Voting has begun for this year's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest, and we have 10 wonderful entries! You can vote for your favorite five, and the results will be announced Nov. 21st so be sure to vote before then!

10/1/16: It's October once again, meaning the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest is back on for its 12th year! The deadline to enter is Sunday, November 6th at 10PM PST, and prizes include an Appa crochet keychain, and character keychains of the winner's choosing. I hope you can find time to enter this year! And if anyone would like to help provide a quality prize for the contest, please email me for more info. :)

11/23/15: The results for this year's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest are in! Congratulations to our top winners, DietCheesePlease, Shannon, Roku Alone, Moku's Djembe, and Mod's Choice winner, Simjohno! You can see the full results here, and thank you to everyone who entered and voted! Your participation keeps this contest going, and I hope to see you all again for next year's contest. :)

11/9/15: VOTING for this year's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest has begun! You can vote for your favorite 5 carvings, and we've got 13 lovely entries to choose from. The winners will be announced on Nov. 23rd, so be sure to vote before then and share the link!

11/3/2015: Hope you all had a great Halloween! We've got 13 awesome entries so far for this year's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition, and there's still the rest of the week left before the voting starts. If you'd like to be a part of this year's competition, get to carving and send your photo in! =D

10/10/2015: October already? Must mean it's time once again for the annual DH Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition! This year's prizes include a Fire Nation scarf, crochet keychains, and Avatar-themed Nickelodeon Magazines from 2006. Remember those? The deadline to submit your carving photo is Sunday, November 8th, and you can find more info and previous winners on the main site. I hope you will consider entering! :D

7/17/2015: Hope you all are having a good summer. :) Got some merchandising news; a complete boxset for all three seasons/"books" for Avatar: The Last Airbender will be released on October 6th. According to TVShowsonDVD.com, it will have 16 discs. The original dvd releases added up to 13 dvds, so it sounds like the exclusive bonus features disc from each individual's season boxset will be included as well. In addition, you can see the illustrations for this complete set at Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr -- they're quite lovely.

In other news, Korra's adventures will continue in comic book form, picking up where the tv show left off and according to Mike DiMartino (who will be writing it) will focus on Korra and Asami's relationship. Not much else is known yet, but you can read more about it and see the key art (drawn by Bryan Konietzko) at IGN. It will be published by Dark Horse and has three volumes planned.

2/20/15: Happy 10th anniversary! On February 21st, 2005, everything changed when Avatar: The Last Airbender first aired on American television. :) And it has been a long, wonderful ride. This site opened seven days later, and I honestly would not have believed it would still be going this many years later. The Avatar universe and fandom is amazing and strong; and whether you've been flying with Appa from the start or joined somewhere along the way, I'm sure this fantastic world will live on for many more years to come. Thank you, for making this show and fandom what it is, and thank you for allowing Distant Horizon to be a part of your journey. Yip Yip!

News-wise, on March 7th there will be an art exhibition tribute to ATLA and Korra, at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. Featuring production art and tribute art by fans, co-creators Mike and Bryan will be there opening night along with 40 other awesome key artists, and there will be lots of prizes too. The tribute will be until March 22nd, so if you want to attend, you better hurry.

The Blu-Ray/DVD of Legend of Korra: Book 4: Balance will release on March 10th. And according to IGN's reporting for this year's New York Toy Fair, the Aang Memorial Statue will go on sale March 11th, (for $150), as well as an adorable 11-inch Naga plush doll (for $35). Dark Horse is also releasing a poster collection book for ATLA, which releases on August 4th for $22. I'll update the Merchandise page for these and other long-missed entries over the weekend.

Although the television series are over and there are no current plans for any new ones, Old Team Avatar's tales continue through the official graphic novels. The post-season finale adventures for Aang and friends told through the trilogy books The Promise, The Search, and The Rift, will continue this September in the next trilogy by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru, titled Smoke and Shadow.

That's it for now. Good work, everybody! Love each other, respect all life, and don't run with your spears. Until next time...

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