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Here you can find magazine scans mentioning Avatar. Have you seen a magazine talk about Avatar that's not listed here? Then please tell me!

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Anime Insider -- (December 2006)

Interview with Mike & Bryan
(scan from Sockai-chan)

Nick Mag Presents: Avatar (Winter 2006)

Cover of 1st All-Avatar magazine - click to enlarge

This magazine is 48 pages of Avatar goodness, including info on the characters, an interview with show creators Mike & Bryan, two new Avatar comics, games, a map, how-to-draw Aang, a look into the Avatar fandom, and more.

You can download scans of this entire magazine here.

Nickelodeon Magazine
Nick Mag website

February 2007

Cover Page - Aang & co penguin sledding
Avatar A-to-Z: page 1 / page 2
Voicebending - interview with Zach Tyler Eisen
(scans from azula2013)

January 2007

Avatar Comic: with contest winners - page 1 / page 2
Avatar Character Contest Results - Winners / Honorable Mentions
Avatar Video Game Cheat Codes
(scans from azula2013)

April 2006

'Toon People - Stylin' Aang
(scan from Avatard06)

June 2005

Avatar Comic: Bee Calm - page 1 / page2
(scans re-taken from the all-Avatar issue)

March 2005

Inside Nick - How Avatar Gets Its Kicks
(scan from a friend)