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Somewhere between bloopers and conspiracy theories lies the place for interesting finds and easter eggs hidden in the show. Have you found something that could be listed? Tell me! ^_^

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Aang cameo in Reimagine :The Game:

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An online flash game posted in 2011, Aang (wearing his post-Day of Black Sun outfit) appears twice in level 11, 'Blockbuster :The Game:' -- on his own poster and on a 'U Mad?' poster with the James Cameron Avatar character. It also appears in the ending credits. Reimagine :The Game: is a meme/pop-culture spoofing flash game made by NutCaseNightmare and hosted on among other sites, but be warned that it is quite gory.   (Thanks The Erwinator!)

Avatar Skit in MAD cartoon ep. 22

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First aired on May 23, 2011, episode 22 or 2x04 of MAD (the tv show), is called "The Social Netjerk / Smallville: Turn Off the Clark." The 43-second skit is called "Airbender Technical Institute," and features Zuko advertising his school to help graduates find bending-related jobs.
Here is the transcript:

Zuko: "Every year kids graduate without knowing what they want to do with their lives." [graduated teen firebends his diploma.]
"That's why I created ATI: the Airbender Technical Institute. At ATI, we teach you how to harness your special powers, and put them to use in a realistic job setting.
"Able to bend water? We'll place you beside some of the best plumbers in the industry." [Plumber to waterbending girl: "I think you unclogged it!"]
"Have a talent with air? Talk to one of our auto technicians." [Mechanic to airbending guy: "Those dents don't unbend themselves, y'know."]
Blonde guy: "At the Airbender Technical Institute, I learned I have earthbending powers! Now I'm an electrician for some reason. Thanks, ATI!" Zuko: "I was disgrace to my family, why should you be too? Airbender Technical Institute."

You can watch the video here. MAD airs on Cartoon Network.
(Thanks Bonzu!)

Avatar Symbols in The Simpsons ep. 485

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First aired on May 15, 2011, episode 485 or Season 22 ep 21 of The Simpsons is called "500 Keys." Mid-way through the episode, Lisa discovers a door that leads to a secret classroom underneath her school. On the wall in the back is a large poster that has the Avatar symbols for Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. (Thanks Zombiepromdress!) The Simpsons airs Sunday nights on Fox.

Spirit Aang toy stars in Rogue Wave "Eyes" music video

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Actually, the video was made by (fan?) Emma Barrie in 2006, but it was listed on the Rogue Wave official website for a few years. The song itself is quite sweet, but the stop-motion animation of Spirit Aang and an assortment of other dolls and colorful backgrounds really made it special. I definitely considered it a must-see. (Thanks BIONICT!)

Unfortunately the music video on Youtube is private now. But if you find another copy online, please let me know.

Avatar Backpack in The Happening movie

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At the end of the 2008 movie The Happening, there is a scene where a woman helps a little girl put on her backpack. Shown only briefly, the Avatar logo and silhouetted main characters can be seen on the top half of the backpack. In addition, the school bus the girl gets on is numbered '2010'. This is a call-out by the director M. Night Shyamalan, who was to write/direct The Last Airbender movie, to be released in 2010.

The backpack shown in the movie is the one to the right (I think), which was one of the earliest Avatar backpack designs put out by Nickelodeon in 2006. (Thanks Yoshi_grl and everyone else who sent this in)

Appa cameo in South Park "Imaginationland" episode

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First aired on Oct. 31, 2007, episode 165 or 11x12 of South Park is called "Imaginationland Episode III" and an Appa sorta-look-a-like has a couple background cameos during the big battle scenes. He appears in the crowd for a second as the battle begins, and then again for a second near the end of the episode when the battle's over. (Thanks Aangiedeer!) South Park airs on Comedy Central and is for Adult audiences only.

Avatar-themed party mentioned in Unfabulous ep. 34

First aired on Oct. 28, 2007, episode 34 or 3x05 of Unfabulous is called "The 2 Timer." Near the beginning of this episode, Mary (shown above) is upset at Addie (the lead character) for blowing off her Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed birthday party. She also mentions how much fun they had playing "Pin the tail on King Bumi in the land of Omashu." (thanks Amit and Gashwin!) Unfabulous airs Sunday nights on Nickelodeon.

Nick Mag with Aang cover on The Colbert Report

During the June 28, 2007 show, there is a segment called Spot The Difference. Referring to The New York Times' front page that had two near-identical photos to show the change of UK's Prime Ministers, Stephen Colbert decides to play the classic kids' game with it. He goes on to say how good he is at this game, finishing with "You will never stop me, Nickelodeon Magazine puzzle page!"

The Nick Mag shown is the February 2007 issue, "Good Air Day!" which features the Avatar A-Z and interview with Aang's voice actor, Zach Tayler Eisen. Considering the months' difference between the two, someone on the Colbert staff must have already owned it. :3

You can watch the clip here. The Colbert Report airs weeknights on Comedy Central.

Avatar Aang toy in Cold Case episode 84

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First aired on Feb. 18, 2007, episode 84 or 4x15 of Cold Case is called "Blood on the Tracks" and has a small scene featuring an Aang action figure. Thank you to Angelbacks for bringing it to my attention, and here's what she said happened:

What happened was Lt. Stillman's four year old grandson was holding an Aang action figure. Lt. walked up to him and said, "What d'ya got there?" His grandson said, "This is Avatar Aang, he can bend air." The grandson hands the action figure to the Lt. and walks into his office. After a minute the grandson looks at his grandfather and the grandfather holds the toy in his hand and moves him in a flying motion.

^_^ You can watch a clip of this scene here. (Thanks Pierregringoire!) Cold Case airs Sunday nights on CBS.

Big Dogs' Avatar parody shirt

Arfatar - The Last FURbender
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Big Dog Sportswear is a Santa Barbara-based company that often parodies popular things in the West, and Avatar has become one of them. ^^ The shirt image is based on the Aang cover of the Book 1: Water Volume 1 dvd. You can buy the shirt at their website or stores.

In-Show Easter Eggs  -  Avatar Cameos in Other Shows/Etc.