Previous Updates
February - March 2005

3/28/05: Eeee, Haru wallpaper~!! -^__^- I couldn't wait, I had to put it up. Also put up a new link, and.... uh, that's all. Sorry! ^^;

3/26/05: ...Someone should make a fanlisting for Haru! -^_^- But anyway, I've added a bio for Haru & the other people of his village. Although since his village wasn't given a name, I have not added it to Geography. :( I also added that butterfly to creatures, updated items with a better pic of Katara's necklace, along with two new sections; Teapots and Totally Pointless. ^_^ There's also two new wallpapers (one of Zuko & one of Aang by Jenna), a new fanfic has been added by Melanie, and a new fanart by Isaia. Also updated voices, added a new link, and archived the past updates. Finally, if anyone is interested in writing in-depth episode guides for DH, that would be super awesome. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please email me for more information. =)

3/23/05: Alright, finally finished the Bumi and Omashu residents bio, along with adding the city to Geography, a couple new Creatures, and 1 new wallpaper. A Fanfics section has been added to Extra, and there are some new links.

[EDIT: 3/20]: I forgot to add the lovely new banners donated by Amanda. Also added a Wallpapers section, added new fanart by Isaia and Aangfan, and added a Basic Info page to Show. Lastly, DH has a new affiliate, Penguin Sledding. ^-^
3/19/05: I haven't had a chance to take screenshots for Ep5 yet, so the article/bios surrounding it will have to wait a few days. However, I do have some other things for ya! I've added a bio about the Previous Avatars, updated Aang's bio and Voice Actors, added info about the martial arts used in the show (along with the page it's from)(Thanks Bebichu! ^-^), have new fanart by Melanie, and added a new section to Extra, Interactive, which houses (among other things) my homemade Avatar personality quiz! Complete with matching pics! Hurray!

3/13/05: I finished the screens for Episode 1, there's new fanart by Isaia & The Wax, and there's a new South Pole critter in Creatures.

3/10/05: There's a lot of fanart up, along with 3 new blogs, some new links, and some screenshots of the ending credits. And don't forget! The Avatar marathon is tomorrow night, so if you've missed an ep, want to see them all again, or if you're like me and your vcr ate your only recordings of them, ;_; don't miss it!

3/8/05: Added a bio for Suki and the residents of Kyoshi Island... I really hope they'll include the Crazy Foaming Guy again if Aang-tachi ever returns to Kyoshi - he was awesome. XD Also added a new page, blogs! There's only 3 right now, but I'm working on a few more. Y'know, as I try to avoid all the screenshots I'll have to go through for Eps 1, 2, and 4. -_-; But with no new episode this friday, I should be able to get all caught up and maybe even have time to add a few new sections before the 18th. Also, Distant Horizon has a new affiliate, The Last Benders.

3/4/05: Updated Geography, Items, Creatures, and Sokka's bio with new info from the latest episode. Also updated Voices and Crew thanks to the awesome new ending credits. ^-^ Still working on the Kyoshi Island + Suki bios, and screenshots for that episode should be ready by Monday or Tuesday.

3/3/05: I have the screenshots from Chapter Three up, and can be found in Images. Still working on the pilot's though.

2/28/05: Site is up! ^_^