Previous Updates
April 2005

(early) 4/29/05: Finished three requested blogs - one of Sokka, Zuko, and Sokka/Suki. Also in the process of finding a better way to organize that page. ^^; There's new fanart by PatheticTeenager, KB, Kohaku, Blue 1/2, ClickyGurl, Paul, and a sprite comic by Vidi; new wallpaper by KB and Sokka; and new icons by ForestNymph9101, Lissa, and Nell. The links and site pages have been updated, and there's a new bio for the mysterious Fire Lord Ozai.

4/25/05: I've got lots of eyecandy for you today! ^-^ First up are the Suki sprites and Zhao Chaos (eheehee... fear his tyrannical cuteness! XD), and a new souvenir set for the Roku Temple Tour. There's also new fanart by Booter Freak, PatheticTeenager, and KB; new icons by Rainer; and new wallpaper by KB and Sokka. Also updated the Calligraphy page with KTChong's translation of the main logo, and added a new affiliate. I kinda went a little banner-making crazy, so there are a bunch of new DH banners that you can link from. ^^; Finally, the links page has been updated. Enjoy!

4/21/05: >_<;; Nyaaaa, so sorry for the extra-long delay! I thought I would finish sooner, but obviously not. I'm still not done, but I figured I should add what I had already before a mutiny started. =P

Anyway, I've got a lovely bunch of stuff for you patient fans. First up, an in-depth research page about the show's calligraphy written by the amazing KTChong! Then there's the tour guide through Avatar Roku's temple, more items, a new weapons page, and another new section, PSP brushes. There's also new icons from Zukosgal10 and myself, new fanart by Jessica, Kohaku, Paul, and Sichi, new fanfics by Impextoo and Ying, new wallpaper by Angii, and finally, the voices page has been updated. *sighs* Whoo, that's a lot of new stuff. And more is to come, as soon as I finish them. ^^;

4/15/05: Popcorn? Check. TV remote? Check. Tiny updates before the big new episode? You betcha. Finished the Iroh sprites and a requested blog of Aang in Avatar-spirit-mode. There's also a new fanfic posted by Sichi, an icon by Whodaimen, and one more new link. Bigger updates to follow, probably Sunday Monday Tuesday? >_<; Soon. Really! I'm working on it.

4/12/05: Added the (surprisingly difficult to make) Zuko sprite & chaos, including the oh-so out of character "Happy Zuko". Spooky. ^^; There's also new wallpaper from BenderGurl, and I moved the wallpapers from to its own page since the main one was getting too long. A new fanfic by June has been posted, I added a new page with a complete list of the E-Cards, and updated the links page. There's also a new icon by BenderGurl, a few more links, and finished 4 element-bender wallpapers.

Only 3 more days 'til the new ep...

4/10/05: Dude, that episode was awesome! ^-^ And next week's... oh my. *grins* I need to buy popcorn. XD Anyway, there are some new creatures listed, a nice but totally pointless item, new fanart from Booter Freak and Angii, four wallpapers by Zukosgal10, I updated the Aang, Katara, Sokka, Uncle Iroh, and Roku bios, updated the voices page, added an episode list (the ep guides are coming sometime soon maybe ^^'), and I have a new info article up, The Spirit World. I've been working on some other articles (and the Zuko/Iroh sprites) as well, but haven't finished 'em yet. Should be done later today though, so I'll add 'em when they are.

4/7/05: Ahaha, new episode tomorrow! So many new creatures and info... I can't wait! XD But for now, there's new Aang, Katara, and Sokka sprites, new fanart by Isaia and Sichi, a new AangxKatara blog, a Zuko wallpaper (by me ^^), a new icons page with icons from KJ, and I updated the Avatar Crew page with links to some of the people or groups.

[edit 4/3/05]: Added two more fanarts by Booter Freak.
4/2/05: Alright! First up is Potential, my mini-shrine & fanlisting to Haru! Yes, you read right - to Haru! So go check it out, whether you like him or not. ^-^ Also, because I had so much fun making those Haru sprites & chaos, I've made a new section here... Sprites!. I'm currently working on the other cast members, and should have them ready in a few days. There's also some new links, a new wallpaper by Zukosgal10, and some wonderful fanart and fanfics by Booter Freak, Koikitten, Zukosgal10, and Blue 1/2. *takes a deep breath* Anything else? ... I can't remember, but I think not. See ya! ^-^