Previous Updates
May 2005

5/31/05: New summer layout! ^_^ (refresh the page if you don't see it). There's also three wonderful new wallpapers from Impextoo (Zuko, Aang, Group); Zuko fanart from Wolfgirl; Icons from Bendergurl and a few from myself as well. There's an episode recap from Koikitten for The Waterbending Scroll, some new links, and a layouts info page as well. I'm still working on a few other things, but I should finish them soon. ^^;

(& OMG, you so cannot miss this friday's new ep! Mweep!)

5/26/05: Screenshots for ep 10 (Jet) has been added.

5/24/05: Nyaa... I meant to finish the Jet weapons, bio, and screenshots, but it seems they've been delayed (yet again), mostly because I was busy drawing this THANK YOU FOR 16,000 HITS!! pic! ^__^ Yes, DH has clocked over 16k in hits, and in my gratitude I drew this pic. It's on the splash page, but it's also been added to fanart under my name (Jade). There's also two lovely new fanarts by Booter Freak; and one by Dustbender too. I also have (mostly) finished the items and creatures for ep 10, along with updating the Agni Kai info thanks to Cala. I also updated Voices from ep 11. There's also a lot of new wallpapers -- from Impextoo (Zhao), Orion (Katara, Suki), Kim (Sokka), Kayla-chan (Zuko), CSI Man (Aang), and a whopping 8 from Cala (Aang, Katara, Sokka, FireNavy, and Zuko x4). There's also a new fanfic listed by Starlightz1112. And I swear I'll start working on that Jet info. Really! ^^;;

5/19/05: Alright, the Wallpapers have been reorganized, and there are also new wallpapers by Danielle (Katara, Suki), Impextoo (Zuko), The Real Sokka (Aang, group), Nicole (Haru), and I've replaced my Bender wallpapers with new ones, since... yes! I've found a better way to take screenshots. I've also replaced ALL of the screenshots in Info except Temples; not done yet. There's also amazing fanart by Ala; and sprite comics by Dustbender and Serenity. Weapons has been updated with the Pirate info of ep9, along with some of the Earth/Fire polearms thanks to Kishi. There are a few new Items as well as Creatures and Games. Voices has been updated with ep 9 and 10 info, and a Pirates bio has been added. Also, Episode guides are ready, thanks to Koikitten! Right now recaps for eps 1 and 2 done. A few more links have also been added. I'm still working on info from ep 10, and should have that up soon.

5/11/05: Calligraphy has been updated with KTChong's translation of the Waterbending Scroll. Plus there's beautiful new fanart from Sunmi H, Isaia, PatheticTeenager; and Skytiger. And also new icons by Kai Rei and JadeRaven93, and wallpapers by Impextoo, The Real Sokka, and Kayla-Chan. There are also two new fanfics by Kishi and Megan. Some new links have also been added. ... Yeah, I know, where's my end of the updates? Nyaa, they'll be ready soon. Along with a few surprises.. hehe. Also, some of the previous updates have been archived. Oh yeah, updated the Flopsie and Commander Zhao E-Cards, so I have added the new card entries. But you can also see the original messages as well.

5/5/05: ^__^; Happy Cinco de Mayo! Considering how late this update is, you'd think I'd have more ready for ya. Ah well, maybe next time. So anyway, there are a lot of new items up, one new creature, and a new section on the sports and games that have appeared in Avatar. I'll have the weapons and bio info on the pirates of episode 9 as soon as I can get better screenies of them. There's also new fanart by Booter Freak, ClickyGurl, Megami, and Sammy, plus wallpapers by Kayla-Chan and Nicole. ClickyGurl's quiz has been added to Interactive, and the links page has been updated. The main cast bio pics have been replaced with better ones.