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June, July, & August 2005

8/8/05: For those who didn't go to SD Comic Con this year, or didn't already know, ASM has a huge photo gallery and detailed panel report for Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can find it here. Please note, there are many spoilers for the rest of this season and season 2.

Okay, I made two new sprite sets, Spirit Aang () and Momo emo-faces. But because the sprite page was getting rather long, I've made a little mini-site for them all. You can still get to it by clicking on Sprites in the Images section though. Also, there's an episode recap for The Southern Air Temple thanks to InkHeart, and a new affiliate, Unseen Paths, along with some more new links.

There's new fanart by Isaia, DoodleBuggy, Chao's Child, Dracori, Fire Soldier Rael, Angii, Fire X, Karmentorium, Kory, Marissa, MoonFire, Sarrett, StarWolf, and Suki. New icons by Junaide, Kana, Carolina S., Warrior Sokka, and XboxxGamingxChick. Finally, there are 48 new wallpapers, from Carolina S, Cindy, Cheetah, Chelsea, Ciya, Dragon Lady, Emillie, Janelle, Jo, MED, _MomoLovesYou_, Sarah, Sokka's Dream, StarWolf, SugarBeat_Angel, Suki, The Kit-Kat Bar, and XboxxGamingxChick. Whew!

7/23/05: Aw man, has it really been 3 weeks since the last update? I'm sorry! But thanks for not starting a mutiny. ^_^; So, first of all, you should know that Nickelodeon has begun to sell Avatar T-Shirts! Yay! You can find them at their online store over here. ^_^ Now, on to the updates. A bio for the YuuYan Archers has been added, and Weapons has been updated with their bow. Creatures from The Great Divide have finally been added, as well as the scorpion bees from the avatar comic. Speaking of which, there's a new section for Magazine Articles, which includes the Avatar comic & an inside look at the martial arts behind the Bending Arts, both from Nick Mag. (Thanks Marikun & KB for the scans!) There's also a lovely in-depth episode summary of The Blue Spirit, provided by InkHeart.

There's also new fanart by Dracori, Chaos Child, and KB; new icons from Junaide, Typo, KB, and Kasumi; new wallpapers of Zuko and Cabbage Guy from Elizabeth, Sayasha, and Sarah. There are also new fanfics by Mdalia, Masako, TitanDF, LaLa-Ness, and JustAnotherAvatarFan. Links has also been updated. And I know, there are still a lot more contributions to add. I'll put 'em up later this weekend. ^^;

7/1/05: I'm having some site problems, so it's just going to be a small update this week. Mainly being screenshots for that sneak peek trailer that came out long before the show premiered, which you can see over at ......And that's it. ^^; Heh, sorry. I'll have more ready next week. Or not.

6/26/05: Okay Creatures, Items, and Weapons have been updated and slightly reorganized. A translation of Aang's wanted poster has been added to Calligraphy thanks to KTChong, and there's also a new Aang blog from ep 13, although I'm still working on a few more. And finally, there's a F.A.Q. page up which also includes some info on how to make your own website. Yay. There's also wonderful new fanart from Isaia and Chaos Child; new wallpapers of Zuko, Aang, Suki, Roku, and group from Impextoo, Kay, Suki Noodles, JadeRaven93, Ciya, and Ryke; and new icons from me (Jade) and Kate. Commander Admiral Zhao's bio has been updated. Also, because episode 13 was so great, I'm going to refrain from posting any other spoilers for a while, at least until it airs a few more times. I mean if you haven't seen it, you really don't want the surprise to be ruined. Spoilers take the fun out of everything. =/ And even though there doesn't seem to be any new episodes that will air for a while, I'll still try to keep up with my weekly updating schedule. My... very random schedule. ^_^;;

6/17/05: I re-made the blogs 1 through 7 since I can now take better pictures; and since the images changed, the html code colors did too. But since I can't find everyone using a blog and just tell 'em to update the code, I decided to move all of the blogs into a new folder. ^^; They needed to be better organized, anyway, and now they are. ^-^ So, if you're using one of my Avatar blogs, that's the reason they're not working anymore. Just pick up the new code and everything will be fine. ^^;

Also, while working on one of the blogs, I noticed something so incredible, it made me point at the screen and say OMG DUDE! (although if it's because of what I saw, or the fact that I never noticed it before, I'm not sure) Anyway, there is a new page dedicated to this finding (and to possible future findings) called, what else, OMG Dude! ^-^; Yeah, today was fun. And tonight's episode... OMG; Super Awesome. I'll try getting info up asap. (So far, Voices has been updated)

6/16/05: >_< It's Thursday already? That was fast. Unfortunately, all I finished were two Momo blogs. However, there is marvelous new fanart from Feng Zhen, Silver Falcon, Echo, Fire X and Danielle; new wallpapers of Zuko, Katara, Aang, Sokka, Jet, and group from Carly, Melanie, Hinageshi, Flame's Echo, Kohaku, the Kit-Kat bar, and Alex; new fanfics by Cala, Hotspur, and Sunburst231; new icons from Blah, Arisonu, and FlyingLemur. There's also a new quiz by Kodocha13 that's great for you fanfic writers; it's a tad long but very helpful to find out how Mary Sue it is. The links page has also been updated, and there's also a new affiliate, and a new button thanks to Megan.

Also, due to time and site space constraints, I can no longer reply to every email or post every submission that I recieve. I cherish everyone's comments, and am honored that so many of you would send in your art/writing projects. To those whose contributions are posted I thank you in advance, and to those whose aren't, I appreciate the time and effort you put into it, even though I am unable to post it. So, thank you again, and... I'm sorry.

6/8/05: Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to wait until I finished the Chapter 12 screenshots before updating. ^_^; In addition to that, Voices, Crew, and the bios for Zuko, Aang, Monk Gyatso, Iroh, and Fire Lord Ozai have been updated. Do be warned, they contain spoilers. ^-^; The Agni Kai section of Games has also been updated.

There are also new Zuko, Sokka, Aang, Iroh, Jet, Haru, Kyoshi, shipping, and group Wallpapers from Impextoo, Kayla-chan, Danielle, Emillie, Gemini, Joanna, Brittany, Ying-chan, Nell and Dustbender. There's also lots of new Fanart from Yami0204, Tala, Marissa, CrosbyNu, Princess Kabuki, Dustbender, and Holly. New icons from Danielle, Princess Kabuki, Kira, Joanna, Bendergurl, Nell, and myself (Jade). There's also new fanfics from Aly, Feng Zhen, De Petagma Saru, Ying-chan, and KAS1417. The links have been updated, along with two new affiliates (Complete Opposites and Buffalo Dreams) and a link to Distant Horizon's forum. Finally (gah! finally!), there is a new Avatar poll listed thanks to ClickyGurl. And I will never ever ever save so many updates for one day again. @_@ *falls over*