Previous Updates
September 2005

9/26/05: Okay, screenshots for Episode 14 are up, and Creatures has been updated.

9/24/05: Episode 14 related updates will be up tomorrow, since I refuse to post them without corresponding screenshots. ^^; In the meantime, please enjoy these Meng chaos. More can be found here. There is also new fanart from Isaia and ilovesokka, and new wallpapers from JadeRaven93, Jo, Sarah, and Squishy.

9/17/05: ...Heheh. Whoops! ^-^;;; Sorry for the major lack of updates. But alas, there are only six more days until new episodes of Avatar premiere (on Sept. 23), and I am fired up to work. So on to those updates!

Brushes have been updated with a new set for the Opening Scene Kanji, and the Bending Symbols set has been replaced with one with better quality. There are also image stamps now, so no matter which paint program you use, you can have Avatar brushes.'s two new Avatar games have been added to Interactive, and a couple Avatar-related articles have been added to Reviews. Also, HotTopic has begun to sell a white Avatar T-Shirt.

There is new Fanart from Booter Freak, DoodleBuggy, Dark, Sarrett, Abhorsen, Firebender, Katara, ILoveAang, Zuko Fanboy, Jenna, Blue 1/2, Raven/Zuko, and Kia_BlackDragon. 31 new Wallpapers for every section except Katara and Official, from Alicia, Angelic.Nitemare, Samah, Carolina S., FirePhoenixFlame, Lauren, Amy, Liz, Sokka's Dream, Sarah, Jo, Elendil the Archer, lilBlondi, and XSeabiscuitX. New Icons from Dark, Hillary, Carolina S., Meg, RealityByt, Cashunia, Sarah, Kate, and Casey, and new FanFiction from Fire Blazing Chan S.E., Luna Kahlo, Red Hawk K'sani, Mdalia, Kim Dreamcatcher, Dragon Jadefire, Elena Galad, and Arekisu. Finally, the Links page has been thoroughly checked and updated.