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October 2005

10/29/05: The current pumpkin entries have been posted, so go check it out! ^_^ Remember, the deadline ends on Nov. 5th so there's still time to send your pumpkin in. Voting will begin on Nov. 6th, and will stay open for two weeks. And thank you to those who have entered already! :)

10/27/05: I am very sorry for not updating sooner; I guess it just hasn't been my week. Anyway, I have very important (albeit late) news concerning DH's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition. The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 5th! Yes, that means the pumpkins made on Halloween can now qualify. Seems rather silly that it wasn't that way originally, but yeah. More info can be found at the APCC site linked above.

Also, I managed to finish the Jet sprite/chao set, which includes this animated chao! You know what that means... more animated chaos are on the way! ('course, if you have an idea for a chao animation, tell me about it at the DH forum). There are also in-depth translations of the Calligraphy found in episode 16, many thanks to KTChong. And also an episode recap of episode 15, Bato of the Water Tribe, thanks to Neko-Chan. Voices has also been updated. And I'll try to have the bios & fan contributions ready for this weekend. ^^; Until then, Happy Halloween!

10/16/05: There is new Fanart up from Isaia, Kimchi_C, Chaos Child, Avatar Mirai, Bella Wolf, Karmentorium, and Anim3Lova835. Also, new Avatar episode this friday! *cheers*

10/13/05: Alright, DH is having its first annual Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition! ^_^ You can click here for the official page, or the aang pumpkin at the top of this page. A link for it has also been added to Extra. Also, the sprite/chao sets for Bato () and Warrior Sokka () are ready for adoption and can be found here. There is also an episode recap for The Storm thanks to KoiKitten, and Calligraphy has been updated with a translation of Bato's map thanks to KTChong. Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this, but Distant Horizon *does* have a forum, which you can find here. Yay.

Finally, there are new Wallpapers of Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zhao, Jet, Fire Nation, Group, and Shipping; from Aunt_Who, Avatarrox, Avatar2005, Carolina S, Gemini, ILoveAang, Katara226, Mwezi, Phoenix, Zukocraz, and Zukogrlavatar. I'm still getting the fanarts together, but they should be up by Saturday. Sunday. (sorry, I was carving my pumpkin. ^^')

10/8/05: Creatures, Items, and Weapons have all been updated. Geography has been revamped (slightly) and (partially) updated. There are new Jun sprite/chaos, and Bato is on the way. There's also a volunteer info page for those interested in writing stuff for Distant Horizon. The rest of the updates, including the fanart & wallpapers, will be up later this weekend. (maybe)

10/2/05: Yes! Avatar DVDs will be released next year! ^_^ The first one is set to be released on January 24, 2006. After the single-disc DVDs are released, a box-set with lots of bonus features will be released. A merchandise page has been set up to keep track of this, and other Avatar-related stuff currently on sale. More (unrelated) updates will be up later this week.   *My information on the dvd originates from this forum thread.