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November 2005

11/27/05: For those who celebrated it, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I see Thursday's marathon brought in a lot of new fans, so hi there & welcome to the fandom! ^-^ There aren't too many updates this time, just new episode guides from Daxiaoqiao for chapters Eleven, Fourteen, and Sixteen; and chapter Eighteen from SlpnDrgn13. Speaking of which, this past week I've made way too many ep 18 icons, so they have been added but moved to their own page. I also finished the sprite/chao sets for Master Pakku and Gran Gran. I'm still catching up on my email, but I promise to update the Fanfics page soon, as well as finish uploading the rest of the episode guides that have been sent in. ^^;

11/21/05: Ahahahaha! I still can't get over how awesome Episode 18 is. XD And the finale is going to be even better... Oh-ho-ho-ho. This show is going to spoil me rotten. ^__^' Anywho, Creatures has been updated, and the Northern Water Tribe has been added to Geography. Katara's necklace in Items has been updated, and Lt. Jee's musical instrument has also been added. Bios for Master Pakku and Princess Yue have been made, and Gran Gran's has been updated. (and yes, I'll finish updating the other bios soon. ^^) There's also a new chao set for Princess Yue.

The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition is now complete! Congratulations to the top 15 winners, and a special congrats to Sarah, Fiara, Amelia, and Sage of Skies who made the top 4, and Chris who got Mod Choice!! Thank you to all who participated! ^_^

11/18/05: Just a quick update before the awesome new episode tonight. ^_^ Oh, and there's going to be an Avatar marathon next thursday (the 24th)! Are you thankful? ^^; Also, voting for the Avatar pumpkins will end Saturday night!

So I've finished the sprites and chaos for Teo, as well as new sets for Katara and Sokka in their parka coats. The Games/Sports page has been updated with info on Hang Gliding, as well as the Redemption ritual and game. The Links page has also been updated.

11/12/05: Okay, the Northern Air Temple has been added to Geography, and Creatures, Weapons, and Items have been updated. There's also a new bio for Teo & his dad. Oh, and I finished the Avatar Roku sprite/chao set.

Fanart has also (finally) been updated, with lovely new stuff from Aang Yi, Avatar Mirai, Bella Wolf, CSI Man, FirePhoenixFlame, Jun, Mayka, Princess of the Fire Nation, Saing, Shada, and Zukogrlavatar.

Also, thank you to everyone who has voted for the APCC pumpkins! The turnout has been great! ^_^

11/6/05: Pumpkin submissions are now closed; thank you to everyone who has entered! ^_^ And voting is (finally) underway! Everyone can vote once for their top 5 favorite pumpkin carvers. =)

11/4/05: *wide eyed* Ep 17.... GASP! I'm still in shock. But I'll have more info on it up soon. ^-^ Anyway, more pumpkin carvings have been added, and remember that tomorrow is the last day to send your photos in if you want to enter. (Voting will start on Sunday)

Bios for Jeong Jeong, Meng, and Jet/Freedom Fighters have been added, and the bios for Admiral Zhao, Avatar Roku, and Appa have been updated (pre ep.17). Still working on updating the other main character bios, but I hope to finish them soon. There are also 4 awesome new wallpapers from the official Avatar UK site, as well as new fan wallpapers from Becky, Pianist, Xekiu, and Zuko'sGirl_16 for Aang, Momo, Nations, Group, and Shipping. Interactive has also been updated to include the new Avatar game, "Amulet Quest: The Four Stones" from the Avatar UK site (which has also been added to links). Voices has also been updated.