Previous Updates
December 2005

12/23/05: The Spirit World page has been fully re-written and updated, so be warned because it contains spoilers. A character bio page for Koh the Face Stealer has also been made, and there are two new episode recaps for Chapter Seven (Spirit World) and Chapter Eight (Avatar Roku) by Daxiaoqiao. The FAQ page has also been updated, and... that's it. Sorry guys, I would have had more, but I completely underestimated how long it would take for me to write those spirit pages. x_x But I hope these Santa hat chaos of the main cast will make up for that. ^^;

In other news, because I have so much email to catch up on, I am CLOSING submissions for fanfics, fanart, icons, and wallpapers until further notice. I'll start accepting them again when I finish sorting through what I have now. So until then, please either hang on to your creations, or send them elsewhere. Thank you.

Other than that, I hope all of you have a Marvelous holiday weekend, and updates will resume in January. Taa! ^__^


12/15/05: Okay, there are two new episode guides for Chapter Six (Imprisoned) and Chapter Ten (Jet) thanks to Daxiaoqiao, and Weapons from the finale have been added. I finished the Zuko white ninja sprite/chao sets: and DH has a new affiliate, Admiration, a shrine to Admiral Zhao. ^^

There's also a lot of new Fanart from: Anim3Lova835, Ashlee, Avatar KFire, BabiLatina74, Blondie, Ch_Bumm, Clicky Gurl, Dark Tabby, Fire Soldier Rael, JadeRaven93, Lisha-Fox, Matt, Miana, Shada, StarWolf, Tarrina, The-Unsent-Laugh, and Zukogrlavatar. *whew* And I'll try to have the new icons and wallpapers up this weekend sometime next week maybe. Sorry for the delay; it's hard to focus on work during the holidays. ^^;

12/4/05: Because I have so much content to catch up on, I think instead of my usual giant weekly updates, I'll stick with mini updates scattered throughout the week. That way I can just add stuff as I finish it, and you guys can get new stuff more often. ^^; With that said, on to the updates!

Daxiaoqiao's episode guides for Chapter Nineteen and Twenty have been added, and Fanfics has finally been updated. Voices has been updated as well. There are also some new Links, and a new affiliate, AvatarD: The Last MiSTer. I also finished the chao/sprite set for Zuko in his casual/training outfit. Next chao sets will be snow ninja!Zuko and his sister, Zula. Azula? I'm not sure. More episode guides will be up too. See you then!

12/3/05: Wow! What an incredible season finale! ^___^ And they were actually able to air it on Nick like whoa. Anyway, as you can probably see, here is the Winter layout! ^-^ I hope it doesn't take too long to load.. I wanted to get it up on Thursday (yes! I was actually prepared to update early!) but basically everything that could go wrong, did. Including me getting locked out of my site. -__-; But everything seems to be working now, though this has set me back a bit. But as soon as I finish up with the layout updates, I'll come back with the site updates.

However, do be warned that the Book: Water Season Finale spoilers will be posted, though it will be a short while since I need to reorganize the involved pages so they don't ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet, our international friends who are still early/mid-way into the show, and future fans. ^^;