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January and February 2006

Edit: YES! The oekaki board is back up and running. And the drawings are still there! ^__^ What wonderful timing!
2/28/06: Happy 1st Birthday Distant Horizon!! ^___^ *throws confetti*
It's been an incredible year and I'd like to thank everyone for visiting this site and helping it become what it is today! =) I was going to add a bunch of new updates for today in celebration, but I completely underestimated how tired I'd be from this past week's marathon updates. --; (yeah, that plan backfired.) So I'm taking today off, and will add those updates tomorrow.

Although, I guess you can check out the TCG Guide Site I've been working on. The "guide" part of it still needs work, but the Cards page is done and has over 100 scans from the Avatar TCG thanks to Sarah of and Seca. So um, thanks you guys, and woo! Birthday cake for everyone! ^-^;

2/27/06: Okay, day seven of the week-long updates brings 18 new wallpapers for Aang, Katara, Zuko, Zhao, Nations, Group, and Shipping. This batch is from Aang Yi, Avatar Roku, Carolina S, Copper, Firebender Nazzier, Halfatheory357, Phoenix, Raven, and Whitley S.

2/26/06: o_o; Didn't mean for Saturday's updates to be so late, but since they are, I'll just use it for Sunday's. ^^; Day Six brings:

And that's it. Only two more days until Distant Horizon's first anniversary! ^-^ (and the end of these week-long updates, omgyay) ^^;

2/25/06: Sorry, but the updates are going to be a little late today. Just so you know. ^^;

2/24/06: Day Four of the week-long updates, and my oekaki board is already dead. =( The site hosting it is having server problems, and until it gets straightened out, it looks like my oekaki will stay in limbo. I apologize to those who didn't save their drawings before it went down, but Thank You to everyone who joined and drew there; it really meant a lot to me. ^-^ Hopefully the oekaki will live again someday soon, and when it does, the short-cut sprite up top will be put back up.

As for site updates, there are 22 new wallpapers for Zuko, Sokka, Bato, Jun, Meng, Teo, Yue, Nations (All & Water), Group, and Shipping (Zutara & Sokka/Yue). And these are from Amber, AquaticAir, Dark, FlatHead, Hailey, Kait, Kayla-Chan, Phantom Starlight, Sokka's Dream, Steven, Teo Fan Girl, ZukoGrlAvatar, and Zuko_Firebender993. *whew!* Only one more Wallpaper batch to go before I'm all caught up. ^^

2/23 EDIT: >__<; I should have known it was too good to be true.. It appears my oekaki's hostsite went poof again, taking my oekaki down with it. *sobs* I don't know how long that site will be down, or if the art drawn today will still be there when it comes back up. I'm sorry guys! If I hear anything new I'll be sure to post it. ;_;

2/23/06: Hello, Day Three of the week-long updates! ^^; Today's batch includes:

There are still a lot more wallpapers to add, so if you sent some in and they haven't been listed yet, don't worry! I'm getting to them. ^^;

2/22/06: Day Two of the week-long updates celebration includes Fanart from Aaron, Amanda, Ch_Bumm, Jade, Marikunin, Mist, and ZukoGrlAvatar.

You can also vote in Dongbu Feng's 2006 ATLA Fan Awards for your favorite characters, episodes, and more. :)

2/21/06: Happy one-year anniversary, Avatar! ^__^ *throws confetti* This time last year marked the first day the show aired on tv. So in celebration, there will be new updates on this site every day for an entire week leading up to the 28th, which is Distant Horizon's first anniversary as well. So on with the updates! ^-^

That's all for now; see you tomorrow! (also, DH is again accepting new fanart, wallpapers, & etc) ^-^


1/25/06: Happy (Lunar) New Year! ^-^ Sorry the updates are late, this month had a rough start. But that's a good sign! ...I hope. ^^; There's not a lot of updates this time, but here we go. There is new Fanart from Haruki, Kohaku, and Sichi, and Official Wallpapers from the Italian and German Avatar websites have been added. More official international Avatar websites have been added to links, along with the new Avatar TCG website. (you can even play a demo of the game there!) Finally, Merchandise has been updated with the Volume 2 DVD.

As for the second season of Avatar, it seems like it will start on March 17! (source) *crosses fingers* ^-^