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March 2006

3/24/06: Sorry for the delay! ^^; First up are the Princess Azula chao and sprites! Next is the episode guide for Chapter 21 (The Avatar State) by Daxiaoqiao. The Merchandise page has been updated with the new shirts (designed by the creators!) and custom-name Aang watches. Finally, the Items and Geography pages have been updated.

3/17/06: Hurray, the second season has begun! ^___^ Updates dealing with the new episode will be added on Sunday or Monday. But in the meantime, DH has a new layout! (refresh the page if you don't see it). ^^ The TCG guide site has been updated with 45 more card scans, and the Episode 17 (Northern Air Temple) recap by Laladoink has been added. There is also Fanart from Aaron, Artemis, BooterFreak, and Sinsia; and a new affiliate :D
EDIT: I'm sorry, but the updates are going to be a few days late. I need time to recollect myself. (Noo, FullMetal Alchemist ended! *sobs*) ;__;

3/3/06: Quick update - the Merchandise page has been updated since the trading card game is now officially on sale. And remember; the new episode of Avatar starts two weeks from now on March 17! ^__^