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April/June 2006

6/30/06: Well it took longer than expected, but here are the updates!

That's it for now, but more will be added later. :)

6/15/06: >___<  If I don't have major updates up before next Tuesday, please feel free to start throwing rocks at me. -_-;;;

PS:  The comment above was more about self-motivation on my part, than permission for you to stone me. I know I've been slacking for the past month & 1/2, and honestly I didn't mean to. But I am not a slave to this site. I have a life, and if I decide to live it, then I have every right to.

Many of the updates that I've been working on in the past few weeks have already been added to the site. But I like big meaty updates, which is why I haven't mentioned them here. I'm still working on a few more things, which should be finished within the next few days. When they're done that's when I'll update this page. This is how I operate. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else or make your own site. But do not come to me and demand that I bend to your individual standards. This is MY fansite. Somewhere along the line I lost sight of that, but never again.

In other news, thank you to everyone who has supported me and DH. It is truly appreciated. :)

4/28/06: The TCG site has been updated, and a bio for Azula and Mai has been added. There's also a new affiliate, Avatars Hangout!
Edit: OMG! Crazy Foaming Guy returned! ^______^ Eeeee~! XD

4/24/06: Attention USA residents! Our internet freedom is under attack by the the big telecom and cable corporations like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. For a long time the internet has been an equal playing ground for everyone thanks to its first amendment of Net Neutrality. But these companies are trying to change that; making themselves the internet regulators so that their content loads faster while the rest of us gets crappy service or even blocked. IT'S NOT RIGHT! If you care at all, make your voice heard! Save the Internet and spread the word! Now!

..Please? ^^; Other than that, actual site updates will be up on Friday.

4/20/06: New Fanart from Aaron, AquaticAir, Artemis, Ashlee E, Bibly, Imbrium, Iykoni, Katanga, Katara155, Mehagian, Sajira, & Stormbender has been added.

4/15/06: Sorry for the lack of updates; I'll try catch the site up next week. ^^; Hope you guys have a happy Easter (or at least a good weekend!), and as such I have a few treats. First is a little easter egg hunt! 13 colored eggs have been placed in the layout. Can you find 'em all? And oh yeah, there's this too: Which can be found here.

4/2/06: Aww, no more Japanese text. It was fun while it lasted, though. Plus, I got some really funny feedback, so that made all those hours spent translating worth it. ^^; But wait! The Nihongo no DH site can still be seen here for the curious and bored. I also finished a new chao & sprite set for Zuko (from "Cave of Two Lovers"), and again, the set for Song is done. No preview pic for Zuko, though, since it is spoilery.

In other news, it looks like you can download the new episode (a week ahead of schedule, WTF) on iTunes. But don't expect to see updates here about that episode just yet, or for me to explain how you can get iTunes. Because honestly? I think it's a stupid mistake to release it this early, and I'm waiting until it airs this Friday to see it. Because I'm stubborn and bitter like that, dammit. XP