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July/September 2006

9/7/06: Ooh, I'm sorry for the lack updates. ...Again. But, summer is over and I'm ready to get back to work! ^^ The Voice Acting page and the Official Art page have been reorganized and updated. The Merchandise page has also been partially updated. I know I'm still missing a bunch of stuff (including the current Burger King promo toys/cards), but I'll finish it later this week. And while they were actually added last month, the Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warrior Sokka sprite sets are done. You can find them here.

Also, the next Nickelodeon Magazine is going to be an all-Avatar issue, including bits about the Avatar fandom! Some of which includes Isaia's fanart, Avatar cosplayers, the shipping, and a thing on the fansites including and me, Distant Horizon! ^_^ It'll be hitting stores on September 12.


Mako Iwamatsu
1933 - 2006

I am terribly saddened to report that Mako, voice of Uncle Iroh and so much more, has passed away. He died at age 72, from esophageal cancer. He was an amazing and inspirational person, and will be greatly missed. You can read more about him in the New York Times article.
May he rest in peace.

7/7/06: Finished the chao/sprite set for Mai, and Ty Lee's is on the way. Info on the Avatar State and Firebending Lightning has been added to the Avatar and Bending Arts page. More new Fanart has been added from Lucida Lownes, Phoenix, Sanacibo, The-Unsent-Laugh, Tornesun, and Typhoonboom. There are also two new affiliates, Blind Bandit, a fansite to Toph (with adorable Avatar plushie sprites!), and Halo Evolution, a lovely general/graphics site with an Avatar fanfiction archive! It's great and so much nicer than Go check 'em out! ^_^