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October, November & December 2006

12/20/06: Alrighty, there's a magazine scan of Anime Insider with the interview with co-creators Mike & Bryan thanks to Sockai-chan, and I've added more scans from the all-Avatar magazine as well as a download of the whole thing; all of which can be found on the Magazines page. A bio for Jin has been added thanks to Ginger, and Metalbending has been added to the Avatar & Bending Arts page.

There are also 25 more wallpapers from Aang Yi, ChildishChikorita, Dark Queen, Emillie, Jarred, Jenn, Kai, Kaiming, KataraxAangFan, Kishiop, Lynnet, Mashi, Momo Productions, Mutant Goldfish, Pikachu, Reggie Wolf, Sifu_Becca, Smik, Tracyn, and Zita.
And I finished the sprite/chao sets for the Earth King, Bosco, and Celestial Avatar Spirit Aang. You can find them all at the Sprite Site. The Earth Kingdom... fish-biscuit? ...
Happy Holidays!

12/1/06: WOW, crazy finale! Season 3 can't get here soon enough. ^^ But if you missed it (and are in the US), it'll re-air on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, and again on Thursday/Friday afternoon.

As for site updates... The Merchandise page has been partially updated (the rest will be added this weekend), and some new Aang Official Art has been added. More will be added along the week, as well as info from the finale. Unfortunately due to recent computer woes, being able to work on updates has been very limited. (Not to mention that a certain Zelda game has taken over my life during the lack of computer access) But once the new parts come in, things should pick up. Of course, that's not really an excuse for this site's lack of updates for the past year. All I can say is I'm Sorry, and I'll try harder next year. Besides, 2007 feels lucky. =)

11/20/06: The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition is over and the winners have been announced! Congratulations to Alternatecoppa, Matt U, Logan, and Archer who come in the Top 4, 1froggy13 who got Mod's Choice, and the others who came in the Top 15! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted! =)

11/6/06: The voting for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition has begun! And with 45 great entries, it's not going to be easy. Thank you to all who have entered, and I hope everyone will come by to vote! Remember, the voting will stay open for two whole weeks, so you've got plenty of time!

hee! 11/3/06: New layout, again! ^^ The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition site has been updated again, bringing the total entries to 33! Remember, if you want to enter, you only have three more days to send your pumpkin photo in. Voting begins on Monday. The Merchandise page has been updated with the new info on the Book 2: Earth Volume 1 dvd, including the Gorgeous cover-art!

The Site Layouts page has also been updated, and there's now a new page for all of the special seasonal layouts. I also finished the Appa chaos, but the larger sprites aren't done yet. So I've made an apple instead. ^^; Enjoy the new episode tonight! It's beyond amazing.

10/30/06: It's almost too late, but here is the new layout, Halloween style. I meant to finish this sooner, but... let's just say it hasn't been a good month for me. ^^; Anyway, on to the other updates!

There are 20 more new Wallpapers, 21 entires in the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition, and Suki's bio has been updated thanks to Sarah of The Layouts page has also been updated with the new layout info. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

10/5/06: The Wallpapers page has been completely re-coded, so now you can actually search for a specific character or category. It's also a lot easier to update, so expect massive wallpaper updates for the next couple of weeks. Speaking of which, 25 new wallpapers have been added.

Also, it's October which means it's time again for the DH Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition! Where up until November 5th everyone can carve Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed pumpkins and send in the photos, then vote for your favorites. The top winners get recognition and prizes, while the rest of us get to see a great collection of Avatar pumpkins. It's great! So click the above link (or the little pumpkin sprite at the top of the page) for more info and how to enter. ^_^

I also finished the first set of mini Avatar pumpkin sprites, featuring Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Iroh. More characters and in the larger pumpkin sprite size will be made throughout the month.

Finally, I posted some large scans from the all-Avatar issue of Nick Mag Presents. You can find 'em here. Although most of the pages will not be added until late November, when it goes off-sale. So if you haven't found the magazine in your area yet, keep looking because it's really, really good. And I'm not just saying that because my site is mentioned in it. ^_^;;