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January / February 2007

2/28/07: Happy Birthday DH! ^-^ Two years ago I opened this site, and it's become a large part of my life ever since. Heh, when it first started I thought it would just be a little fansite that I would work on now and then, but it's become so much bigger and reached so much farther than I could have ever imagined. I'm just a girl on an island doing my own thing, so for all of the opportunities and success that it's been given, and all of the people that it has brought together, is beyond words for me. All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting, thank you for your support, thank you for making this site and community a part of your day. I don't know what I did to ever deserve to be a part of this, but I vow to continue working hard and help make this site the best it can be so it can better reflect the amazing show that inspired it. :)

Update-wise, I've finished four new sprite sets, Avatar Kyoshi, Avatar Kuruk, Avatar Yangchen, and Koh the FaceStealer.
You can find the rest at the Sprite Site. Also, Potential, my Haru mini-shrine/fanlisting got a new layout and 350+ Haru screenshots.

Also, Dongbu Feng is having a special event called Elemental Week, where every day fans can participate in contests, live trivia, and scavenger hunts that span across other Avatar fansites (DH included). The festivities begin on Monday, March 5th, and you can learn more about it at their site. They're also still looking for contest entries, so if you'd like to enter you'd better hurry. ^^;

2/21/07: Today marks the two-year anniversary of when Avatar first aired on tv! Woo! In addition, the main page featured article on Wikipedia is none other than the one on Avatar: The Last Airbender! Congrats to everyone involved! ^_^

2/19/07: Aww, Avatar had a cameo in last night's Cold Case episode! ^^ The OMG Dude! page has been updated with more info, and thanks to Angelbacks for telling me! (Edit: Added screenshots, and a link to the video clip.) I've also added the Big Dogs' parody shirt "Arfatar", and will add the rest of the in-show easter eggs soon. The Merchandise page has also been updated, specifically the DVDs and Books pages, as well as a new watch and the Avatar valentines. I know there's still a lot of toys missing, but I'm working on that too! ^^; Finally, here are the sprite sets of the Ba Sing Se ouftits for Zuko, Iroh, and Azula. You can find the rest here.

2/17/07: An insanely adorable Avatar super deformed animation short called "School Time Shipping" has been added to Along with poking fun at the various ships, it also has what may be Iroh's new voice actor. You can find it at, and the password to watch it is koh. ^^

1/16/07: So, if you haven't already heard, M. Night Shyamalan has signed up with Nick Movies & Paramount Pictures to write, direct, and produce 3 live-action movies based on Avatar. There's no word yet on how involved the show cast & crew will be in the movie process, or when production will begin. I've set up a movie page in Extra with more info and links to the news articles, and it will be updated as more details come out. Personally... I was rather pessimistic about it not being animated, but now I've settled on apathy. (Hence the late update) Although I am secretly hoping that the elemental special effects will be like those in the X-Men movies. ^^; And, y'know, that it won't be horrible.

There are also scans from the January & February '07 Nick Mag thanks to azula2013, and include the comic featuring the winners of the Avatar Character contest, said contest results, Avatar A-to-Z, an interview with Zach Tyler Eisen, and more. Check it out here. And eight Wallpapers have been added from crazy_4_zuko, eightball, Firebenderjess, Sifu_Becca, spyguy149, and Tasha.

1/3/07: Happy new year! I hope you all are doing well. :) To start the year off, 34 Wallpapers have been added from Aangii, Angel of Arkansas, Avatara, Chaobunny, DragonRider, Fire_bender5, Firebenderjess, Gusssj, Haley, Krissy, Rabbet, SakuraLuna27, Sifu_Becca, and Spirit. This also concludes all of my stockpiled wallpaper emails, which means I'll start catching up on the Fanart submissions next. ^^;