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March - July 2007

7/28/07: The Avatar panel is done and lots of information and pics will be released over the next few days! Most exciting is the kickass trailer for season 3! You can watch one recording thanks to Iijyanaika HERE (better sound) and the one HERE (brighter visuals). Concept art featuring the cast's new outfits and backgrounds can also be seen at ASN here, as well as on Dongbu Feng. There's also been many repostings in the DH Forum. More info will be posted as it comes out. :)

Other news includes an apparent magazine interview with show creators Mike and Bryan, saying that Nickelodeon has signed on for 3 more seasons of Avatar, but not much else is said. So.... I guess we'll find out more about it later? It also says that the first live-action movie will be about the Book 1: Water season of the tv show.

7/25/07: The San Diego Comic Con is this weekend with a very exciting Avatar panel, but already some spoilers have been leaked! I won't post it here, but images of the upcoming all-Avatar magazine (including the cover with Aang and Zuko's new look and some comic panels) have surfaced, and you can see them & read current info at the Avatar LJ comm! And Inkworks, a company that's working with the SDCC panels posted an animation of Aang (post and image) wearing the same outfit as the magazine cover.

Lots of info concerning Avatar & season 3 will be coming out this weekend, and DH Forum Staff Amira and AlternateCoppa are there to help cover it! They'll be posting info on the DH Forum as well as Amira's site, Other sites covering the Avatar panel include the SDCCI-Avatar-MeetUp, and Dongbu Feng. If you know a site that's also covering it, let me know and I'll post it too. :)

7/26 edit: Finished the Guru Pathik sprite set.

7/13/07: (Late) AVATAR NEWS! For those dying from the lack of Book 3: Fire news, has come to your rescue. They have posted the cover of the Book: Fire, Volume 1 DVD (to be released on October 30, 2007) with the GAang's new outfits and a great theory as to why the new episodes might air in late September. You can find it all at their website. More info on Season 3 however will be announced at the Avatar panel for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, which is on the 28th! Many sites will be reporting on the panel details (including those run by some DH forum admins since they will be going! ^^) and I'll have links to those sites up soon.

In more (really late) news, there's going to be another all-Avatar magazine by Nickelodeon, to be released just before the new episodes begin. It's issue date is Sept/Oct 2007. There's also going to be a second Avatar video game, called "Avatar: The Burning Earth". It will be based on the Book 2: Earth season of the show, and will feature Toph, Jet, Zuko, and Iroh as playable characters, as well as flying levels, multiplayer, and more. It is scheduled to be released this fall on all major gaming platforms. You can find more info here, and a few screenshots here.

Site-wise I have added four more easter eggs/etc to the OMG Dude! page, and revamped the Spirit World page with better screenshots and a new section for the Avatar abilities/possessions. Koh's page got new screenshots as well, but I haven't added info from the Escape from the Spirit World game yet. I've also added some more pictures to the Official Art page, mostly of Aang and Zuko. And I have finished the sprite set for the Dai Li, which you can find at the Sprite Site.

6/27/07: My apologies for not officially saying that this site was on hiatus, but I really needed a break. I'm back though, and excited to work on the site again! First up, as you've probably noticed, is the new layout. Yay! There might be another one before the new season starts, but I guess it depends on how well a fireworks layout looks in August. ^^;

Other updates include a few new in-show easter eggs for the OMG Dude! page. I still have many more that need to be added, but I'll post 'em as I finish 'em. I've also been replacing some of the older screenshots with better dvd-quality ones, updated the Layouts page with the new layout info, and just sprucing up some random pages. I'm still working on a bunch of stuff so there should be another update real soon. ^-^

4/18/07: Ack, sorry for the lack of updates. But the Avatar & Bending Arts page has been updated with entries on Sand and Vine bending. There are also a ton of new icons from AirAang12, Amiro, Arisonu, Artico, Asuka, avatar_obsession, Bozy, Courtney, Dark, Dracori, Hatsumomo, JeSs, MariSama, Mutant Goldfish, Nina, Person, venusgal100, and Wave Maker. And that means I am all caught up on the icon submissions. ^-^;; There will be a big wallpaper update at the end of the week, and then I'll get back to those fanart submissions.

And for those going to Anime Boston this weekend, there will be a panel on Saturday at 3pm on the Avatar comics, hosted by Nickelodeon Magazine editor, Dave Roman. It's also a good opportunity for you Avatar cosplayers because he's hoping to take photos for the next all-Avatar magazine, which is to be released right before Season 3 premieres. So if you're able to go, good luck! ^^ You can find more info on this over here.

3/13/07: There's news on the Avatar movie, sort of. M. Night Shyamalan, who is writing/directing the movie(s), is making a different film first, called "The Happening" which is to come out in June 2008. However it's been reported that he'll continue to write the Avatar script while shooting this other movie. You can read a little more about it as well as find the link to the full story at on the movie page.

Site-wise, fanart has been added from Astric, Avatara, Azue, eightball, Gentry, Greenjoker, Mayka, and ShuiYue. This is the first of many many fanart updates, so if you've sent something in over the past year, I'm sorry for the wait but I'll be getting to it soon. ^^;