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August - September 2007

9/27/07: Okay, the Items, Weapons, Games/Sports (for WindSurfing), OMG Dude!, Episode List, and Voice Acting pages have been updated with info from "The Awakening" episode. There's also a new Aang wallpaper by animegal, new icons by animegal and Spirit, and I finished the sprite sets for Aang (3x01 style) and Joo Dee from Ba Sing Se. In addition, someone at Nick made a mistake and posted this week's new ep "The Headband" on TurboNick yesterday. It's a little sad that the leaks are starting this early in the season, but this episode is awesome. ^^ Except for Zuko 'cause he's an idiot. Those in the USA can watch it here.

9/20/07: Tomorrow is the big day, the premiere of Book 3: Fire! ^_^ For US viewers, do remember that it starts a half-hour later than ususal, at 8:30 pm EST. In addition, the second All-Avatar magazine has been out for almost a week now and is getting rave reviews. If you haven't been able to get it yet and your local stores aren't being helpful, remember you can purchase it directly through Nickelodeon, and that includes international residents too. Info on that is here.

Site-wise, there are 7 new wallpapers from Catchafire, Darryl Carulli, Haley, Pupstar42, and Terrami, and new icons from Ashikada Nanashi, Sarah, and Terrami. Also, the DH forum is having a 10-week season 3 trivia contest, with the grand prize being a Book 2: Earth dvd box set! You can read more about it here on the forum. :)

8/24/07: Nickelodeon has released a high-quality version of the Season 3 trailer shown at SDCC and have given it to It's free to watch and download, and other fansites can host the video too, so long as NO ONE uploads it to YouTube or other file sharing sites. That's Nickelodeon's only request. I would love to have the video available for download here, but my site doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle it.

In other news, international and US fans can also order the upcoming all-Avatar magazine through Nickelodeon via mail. Dave Roman, one of the editors for Nickelodeon Magazine, has written in his DeviantART page about the new Avatar magazine and how people around the world can order it and any back issues. It's also importantly noted that the sales need to be good in order for more magazines & etc to come out. We all know how awesome Avatar is, but unfortunately big businesses need more convincing. So if you're able to buy the magazines & etc, please do. I know getting stuff for free is love, but, if it's preventing more great Avatar stuff from coming out, is it worth it? I like posting scans for graphic purposes and general sharing-ness, but I won't hesitate to take 'em down for a year if this new issue doesn't do well. It's only $4.99 for 52 pages, comes out September 18th, and is definitely worth it.

8/16/07: So the date has been announced for the second All-Avatar magazine: September 18th! There's a nice preview of it complete with pictures over at

Site-wise, three new Wallpapers have been added from Arjan, Darryl Carulli, and Earthbender724. There are also new Icons from Sanga, Spirit, Stinger, and Sukai Huo. And I took a break from my usual chao sprites to make some bigger animated sprites! They are of Aang on an airball, and you can find the other one at the Sprite Site. ^-^

8/8/07: AlternateCoppa's second Comic-Con video is up, and you can watch it at Dongbu Feng or! It's 20 minutes long and highlights the Avatar panel, the amazing costumes, and more. :)

8/6/07: If you haven't caught it, AlternateCoppa's first video from Comic-Con has been posted over at Dongbu Feng, and covers the exhibit hall and the awesome animated Avatar cards that were handed out. You can also find more SDCC reports and photos here.

Site-wise, there are 31 new Wallpapers from Arjan, CrystalRobot, Duo, Kaiming, Kendra, Lindsay, Rogue-Angel, Sifu_Becca, skyblue0291, Spirit, spyguy149, Stinger, Witchcrest, 2avatargrrlz, and Official. I've also finished the Jeong Jeong sprites, which you can find here.