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March - June 2008

6/19/08: Sorry I'm late, but the July issue of Nickelodeon Magazine has revealed that the remaining 10 episodes of Avatar will air July 14 through July 19. That's one new episode every day that week, except two on Wednesday (July 16) for "The Boiling Rock" and four on Saturday (July 19) for the 2-hour finale. The time hasn't been announced yet and the dates are 'subject to change,' but it looks like this is the end. :|

5/28/08: The complete boxset for Book 3: Fire has been announced by TVshowsonDVD, and is to be released on September 16, 2008! No word on what the bonus material is yet, though. The boxset and info has been added to the Merchandise - DVD page.

5/23/08: Okay, the Merchandise - DVD page finally has all of the known/released dvds listed, and the Merchandise - books section has been fully updated as well. There's also new fanart from Batrisha, BIONICT, Robby, & Salamanders; eight new wallpapers from Angii (Aang), Kari (Katara), & official from the Nickelodeon AU and THQ video games sites; and a couple of new OMG Dude! entries. I've also finished three costume sets for the King Bumi sprites. You can find them at the Sprite Site.

5/10/08: (warning: rant) So, the Book 3: Fire Volume 3 dvd (containing eps 311-315, four of which are unaired in the US) was released earlier this week, and for whatever reason, the children's novelization of the Book 3: Fire finale, Sozin's Comet, was pushed up from the May 20th date and is already available. What a way to end the series, right? Although put into the context of all the other mishaps, dropped-the-ball moments, and general screw-ups that have happened these past three years, perhaps this is just the spectacular firework finish. But is this the granddaddy of spectacular screw ups for this series? At this point it is truly hard to tell what else might be in store. It does make you wonder though who the heck has been responsible for all of these horrendous oversights, and why they are still employed. It's mind-boggling not just how much Avatar has been mishandled, but how there hasn't even been a decent response as to why this is happening. Avatar is an incredible series and it deserves so much better than this. It is truly a shame that this is how the last Avatar season is playing out, and my deepest condolences to everyone who has worked so hard on making this series great. To those hopping on the spoiler train, I hope you can enjoy the 64-page condensed version of the finale; and for those trying to stay clean until the episodes air in July... may God be with you.

Actual site updates will resume later next week.

3/31/08: First, congrats to Avatar for finally being nominated and winning Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards for Best Cartoon! Well done!

Second, apologies for the major lack of updates. I meant to post months ago, but, well it's been a strange year for me. In addition, my 7-year old laptop died earlier this month and took all my of email with it. I thought I could transfer the hard drive elsewhere so I could recover data, but apparently not. So, anyone who emailed me up until March 10th and didn't hear back from me, please consider your email(s) lost. =(

Site update-wise, the DH TCG Site had a major card-scan update and more was supposed to be on the way (...until said emails were lost. Guy-who's-name-I-didn't-write-down, can you send those new card scans again please? x_x) Also, the (masked) Fire Nation solider sprites are done, which can be found on the Sprite Site.