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July 2008

7/26/08: News is out from yesterday's Avatar panel, and here are the highlights and youtube videos thanks to

...I think that's it for right now. More will be linked to as it's posted though. There's also an autograph signing at the Con later today with Mike and Bryan, so more good questions might be asked by the fans then? I guess we'll wait and see.

7/24/08: Comic Con this weekend! What kind of Avatar news will be announced? I'll post links to the reviews and fan news posts when they come out. :) Since the main series ended last week, I should probably write something long about what an experience these past three years have been, and how honored I am to have been able to see this amazing show and to be a part to the fan community. But that sentence pretty much sums it up? Maybe I'm still in a whirl from the finale, but it doesn't feel like it's the end. The show may be over, but it's still open for more. And as such, this site will stay open as well. =) But many congratulations to the Avatar cast and crew who did a phenomenal job throughout the entire series. ♥

Update-wise, there are a whopping 13 new OMG Dude! entries, all regarding the last half of Book 3: Fire, so beware of finale spoilers. The Official Art page has been updated with some high-quality art of the Gaang and a few other characters as well. (new pics are marked with a border) There's also new Fanart from Howaidonami, KatyD, and Zkjanie, and new Icons from Kotryna, Penny Ferret, and West. I was going to post new sprites too, but I didn't want to delay this update any longer. ^^; Next time!

7/19/08: Final episodes air tonight! There's also a large fandom chat to celebrate it, with efforts from Dongbu Feng and The Avatar Portal. It requires Skype to access the chat, and there will be streaming video of the finale for those in later timezones. You can check out either of the sites for more info and links to the chat. Good luck, everyone!
edit: The finale is too awesome for words. ;__; And I can't stop tearbending, omg. Actual site updates will return soon. <3

7/14/08: New layout~! (If you can't see it, try refreshing!) I'm glad I was able to finish this before the new episodes started. ^^; The Merchandise page has been updated with some new books, and there are 6 new OMG Dude! entries. There are also 3 new Wallpapers thanks to Avatar Hutchi and Hobbit. The Site Layouts page has been updated as well.

There's not much time left, but good luck to all those entering Nickelodeon's Avatar Fanart Contest!

7/8/08: 5 more days to go! *bites nails* Don't forget that it's a new episode every weeknight next week. In additional news, word is that the Avatar co-creators will be at this year's San Diego Comic Con (July 25th) for the big Avatar panel. Will they bring news of the future of Avatar? I guess we'll find out via the lucky people who get to go. :3
Oh! I forgot to post it in the last update, but the Nickelodeon Magazine website is posting their comic pages, including the ones for Avatar! Their current 'look inside the mag' section includes the July issue's Avatar IQ quiz, which you can find here on page 10.

Site wise, there are 5 new wallpapers from Ebony, Hersheygirl66, and official from Nickelodeon Japan and UK sites, and new fanart from Red Dragon (both have some spoilers for the unaired episodes, fyi). The episode list page has been updated to reflect the release of the final episode titles, and the Links page has been fully updated. (There's now a little sprite to mark the links that are still good but haven't been updated in a very long time.) DH also has a new affiliate, Avatar Dreams, and the new link to old affy, Avatar Portal! More updates are on the way, and will also include (gasp!) a new layout. 'bout time, right? xD;;