Previous Updates
August - October 2008

10/20/08: The Nick survey is over; thank you to everyone who took it! There are new icons from Nastia and Silver, fanart from Taryn, and a wallpaper from Jeanette. The DH TCG site has also been updated again with new card scans thanks to Sammy. And guys, don't forget about the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Comp! :D

10/7/08: Nickelodeon is conducting a survey to better understand the Avatar fans -- so if you have a few minutes to spare, please help by filling it out! The link to it is this way.

Site-wise, the DH Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition is on again for its fourth year! Prizes include PS2 Avatar video games, though volunteer fanart/etc prizes are still appreciated for the top winners. If you would like to help out, or find more info on how to enter, click the link or the pumpkin sprite up top to go to the site. :)

The DH Gaming Corner has finally been updated to include info and guides to the previous Avatar video games, as well as info and media on the upcoming game, "Into The Inferno" which comes out Oct. 13 in the USA. The DH Avatar TCG guide site has been updated as well with 23 new card scans.

Finally, there are new wallpapers from Amanda, Avatar Hutchi, and M&M; and fanart from Natasha. I'm still working on the finale outfits, but the sprite sets are finished for all of the Order of the White Lotus guys, as well as Piandao and Sokka in their changshan outfits. You can find them all at the Sprite Site.

9/15/08: Avatar: Legends of the Arena, the global online multiplayer game starts today! In it you can create your own Avatar character, battle up to four other players in the various arenas, and unlock new bending moves, outfits, and equipment as you play. :)

9/8/08: There is new fanart from AANGLUVER, ATLABfreak, kAm33 mItrA, Kataragi92, and PeaceReaper; and new wallpapers from kataanggirl4life, M&M, and Toby Hamee. The Avatar & Bending Arts page has been generally updated and now includes Bloodbending and Energybending info (uh, Finale spoilers), and the OMG Dude! page has 6 new entries as well. New sprite sets have also been posted for Ursa, Finale!Aang, and Combustion Man. The rest of the finale outfits should be done for the next update. (in a 2-3 weeks?)

8/16/08: Sorry for the delay, I wanted to finish this before posting the update. The Merchandise page has recieved a massive update to the Apparel, Other, Accessories, Games, and Toys sections. There's also new fanart from Don, icons from Kotryna and Penny Ferret, and wallpapers from JewelofSong and West. More official art of Aang, Ozai, and Toph have been added as well. And thanks to everyone who sent in more OMG Dude! finds; I'll try getting them all ready for the next update. Oh, and for those who used to visit the DH Oekaki, the new board is up and running, and still has the same address as the old one. :)

Also, earlier this month Paramount Pictures opened up an official website for the casting info for Aang, at Good luck to those who enter!