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November - December 2008

12/11/08: For those who are disappointed with the movie casting choices, you can do something about it -- write letters to producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall of Paramount Pictures. If this interests you, you can read more about it at Aang Ain't White @

12/10/08: Big news, Avatar fans. Entertainment Weekly has reported on the casting for the live action Avatar movie, and it's... well, you decide. For Aang - a karate star named Noah Ringer who was chosen from a Texas casting call; for Katara - Nicola Peltz (Deck the Halls); for Sokka - Jackson Rathbone (Twilight); and for Prince Zuko... apparently Jesse McCartney is negotiating for the role. .... *headdesk*

12/8/08: Sorry for the delay, but most of the Season 3 Finale sprites are done now along with some other related sets; making 19 sets in total, plus one Zuko. x___x;; As always, you can find them all at the Sprite Site. The DH TCG Site has also been updated with 7 new scans from Sammy, completing the card scan gallery! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the site to make that possible. :) There is also new Fanart from Brita, Megan, and Robby. Also, there's a new Avatar comic called "Night Animals" on the Nick Mag website! I'm not sure if it's the same one as in December's issue of Nickelodeon's Comics Club mag, but there are more Avatar comics on the way. ^_^

11/17/08: The results for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Comp are up! Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Jeff, Laura, Golden-Flute, Ubertoph, Ayana, and the rest of the top 15! =D

11/3/08: Thank you to all who entered; the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest voting is now up! Everyone has two weeks to check out the pumpkins and vote for your favorites! The results will be posted Nov. 17.