Previous Updates
April - September 2009

9/15/09: The Merchandise page has been updated; all of the links have been checked and some new items have been added. New t-shirts and sweatshirts; The Lost Scrolls Collection book; and some sports toys. There are still many not-new action figures & past SDCC promo stuff to add, but I'll save that for another day. :)

9/7/09: -- where the DH Oekaki & Practice boards were hosted -- has been closed, so no more DH oekaki boards. I'm looking to see if there are any other similar hosting sites, but otherwise we may have to go with one of those Japanese boards or nothing at all. Thank you to everyone who participated & visited the DH Oekakai boards though; it was wonderful while it lasted and the community there was great. :) For now, your Avatar oekaki needs can still be met at ASN.

Site-wise... I am working on updates, but terribly slowly. They'll be up before Halloween, though. Will there be a Pumpkin Carving Competition this year? I'm not sure. Pop me an email if you are thinking of entering; if there's at least 5 people interested, it'll be held.

6/10/09: Hey Avatar fans in LA & Denver; there's a market research firm looking for Avatar fans to participate in a paid focus group. ($100 for 2 hours of your time) The groups begin June 11th and 12th in LA, and June 15th and 16th in Denver. You'll need to answer some qualification questions first though, so if interested please contact: (For LA:) email with your name, age, and phone number; and for Denver: call 303-592-5060 and reference project 1037.

6/5/09: For the upcoming solstice, the DH Forum is having a Fire & Ice theme. Just a casual participation thing, and everyone is welcome to join in. It's Anything Goes creation wise (fanart, fics, food, whatever) so long as it's Fire/Summer and or Ice/Winter themed. You can read more about it on the DH Forum thread. It begins June 21, and we hope you'll be a part of it! :)

4/12/09: Ouh, sorry for letting this site go so long without updates. I'll amend that soon, although there was a Sprite Site update two months ago. ^^; In the meantime though, there is an Egg Decorating Contest over on the DH forum, as well as a thread for easy & delicious egg shaped candy recipes. Go check 'em out if interested, and Happy Easter!