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October - December 2009

12/20/09: There is new fanart by Mirei, and 4 new OMG Dude! entries. I've also reuploaded the fanart that had broken links so they all should be working now. (I know there are a lot of broken link wallpapers -- I'm still working on that.) Merchandise has also been updated with two knit caps. Whatever you celebrate this season, I hope you have a good one. :)

11/23/09: The results for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest are up! Thank you everyone who participated and voted, and Congratulations to Cre8orPatPat, Daniel, Mel, Toriz, Brittany, and the rest of the top 15!

11/9/09: Thank you everyone who entered; the voting for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest has now begun! The poll will stay open for two weeks, and everyone is welcome to vote! :D

10/29/09: Don't forget the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest - the deadline to enter is November 8th. :) The OMG Dude! page has been updated with 5 new entries, Merchandise has 3 new shirts listed (Aang, Zuko, & Momo), and there are 6 new Book: Earth sprite sets for Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa, and the Cabbage Merchant, over at the Sprite Site. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

10/20/09: There are now prizes for this year's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest, woo! The deadline to enter is November 8th. (There will also be actual site content updates hopefully up before then too, so yay. ^^;)

10/7/09: The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest will be held again this year! I don't know if there will be any prizes (aside from everyone admiring your mad carving skillz, that is), but if you'll be carving an Avatar-themed pumpkin this Halloween, I do hope you'll send a picture of it in. :) The deadline will be on Sunday night (PST) November 8th, and you can find more info and past years' winners, here. A new Aang t-shirt has also been added to Merchandise.