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February - July 2011

7/25/11: The Legend of Korra Info Page is now up! It has all of the new SDCC info along with previously known info like the cast and crew, as well as image and video links. You might not notice it, but that page has different coding from the rest of this site. If you have ANY problems with it please let me know, because I am in the process of converting the rest of the site to that coding. (If that doesn't make sense but the page works fine, don't worry about it. ^^) The OMG!Dude page has been updated as well with some recent and very old Avatar Cameos.

7/23/11: edit: Took 50 screenshots from the high-def Korra trailer, you can find 'em here on Photobucket!
OMG you guys, the SDCC Korra panel today was amazing! TONS of new information on the characters, concept art, a drop-dead gorgeous trailer for the show, and a new poster! A brief round-up of the information told and links to the concept art photos can be found Here on the DH Forum! A clean, high-def trailer has also been posted online, you can see it here on the Nicktoons site! For our international fans, a Youtube version has been uploaded as well.

7/20/11: The San Diego Comic Con is tomorrow/this weekend, and you can be sure that there will be new Legend of Korra info! One of our forum admins, Amira, will be there, and you can follow her Tumblr for her latest updates! Recaps of any Korra/Avatar news will also be posted here and on the DH forum.

In other news, the massive Avatar comic collection The Lost Adventures is on sale... depending on where you buy it. ^^; It's kind of confusing, some places apparently won't be selling it until January, but at least has it. It is 240 pages for a cool $15, and features all of the comics run in NickMag (Including those that were never published), the mini-comics that were included with the Season 2 & 3 DVDs, and the two from Free Comic Book Day. Amazing! You can see quite a few page previews here to get a taste. :)

5/7/11: Today is Free Comic Book Day! At participating comic shops, bookstores, and libraries, you may be able to find the ATLA comic book featuring the comics "Relics" and "Dirty is Only Skin Deep." It is also coupled with the Star Wars comic, so if you don't see Avatar, look for the scary Star Wars cover instead. ^^; Both of the ATLA comics will be reprinted in the 240-page tome titled "The Lost Adventures", which will be on sale this July and features all published and unreleased Avatar comics, including those from the single-disc DVDs! More info on Free Comic Book Day and the Avatar/Star Wars covers is at their website.

Additionally, there is an article/interview at Comic Book Resources with Dave Marshall about the Avatar comics. It includes info on The Lost Adventures and the upcoming graphic novels that will continue where the season 3 finale left off. Well worth a read!

3/9/11: More Korra news has been released via Wall Street Journal! At the top of the list, there will be 14 more episodes, bringing the total to 26! The show is currently set to air mid-2012, and is apparently now being called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. Voice actors for the main(?) cast has also been announced, including Janet Varney as Korra. There is also an interview with show co-creators Mike and Bryan, that discuss Korra and some things to look forward to. :) A full list of the announced voice actors and crew, and show info can be seen at the DH Forum.

3/6/11: An official image featuring Korra's face has been released, via Wall Street Journal! You can click the preview for a larger view. For now, it and the previous Korra image has been placed in the Official Art page; I'll figure out how to better organize the ATLA vs Korra content on this site soon. ^^; Also, don't forget about the Avatar comic info, which is in the newspost below. :)

2/8/11: Happy new year, and awesomely great news! reported today that Dark Horse and Nickelodeon will be publishing more Avatar: The Last Airbender comics! And yes, that's the animated series, not the Shyamalan embarrassment. The releases go as follows:

1) Two short stories will be released on Free Comic Book Day, May 7th 2011: the unpublished tales titled "Relics" and "Dirty is Only Skin Deep."

2) The next release, titled "The Lost Adventures", is a 240-page book with 26 comics, featuring unpublished tales and the out-of-print Nickelodeon comics! Release date to be announced.

3) As if that wasn't amazing enough, next will be the start of an ALL NEW SERIES, following Aang and his friends where the season 3 finale left off, as they help to rebuild the war-torn world. These new tales will be published as digest-style original graphic novels (conveniently sized paperback collections) in early 2012.

Inevitable questions about Zuko's Mom aside, OMG! A million grateful thank yous to Dark Horse and Nickelodeon for working together to do this, and congratulations to all the artists and writers who worked on these comics that will finally see the light of day. I truly hope fellow fans will help support this so we can see what Team Avatar gets into next. <3 The press release is over here and you can discuss it on the DH Forum.