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January - May 2012

5/22/12: There's no new Korra episode this Saturday because it's Memorial Day Weekend, but there will be a new one the week after. The Voice Actors and Crew Credits have been updated for Korra episodes 5, 6, and 7. The Sprite Site has been updated with sets for Asami, Hiroshi, the Gala outfits for them and Mako, Korra, and Bolin, and the Pro-Bending uniforms for the Fire Ferrets and Pabu. Finally the OMG Dude! page has 10 new entries, including a massive amount of reusing background characters. Or it's an Equalist conspiracy, whichever's more fun. :)

5/1/12: Voice Actors and Crew Credits have been updated for Korra episode 4. Merchandise has finally been updated with The Promise graphic novels, The Lost Adventures collective, and other currently available items like plush toys and misc. The Sprite Site has been updated with sprites for Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Pema, along with the Gala outfits for them and Tenzin. Lastly, OMG Dude! has five new entries.

4/25/12: Good news for (some) international fans: NickelodeonUK has confirmed that Legend of Korra will start airing this fall in the UK and Ireland, with more info to be released this summer! :)   In site news, the Show section has been updated with Korra info, specifically Episodes, Voice Actors, and Crew Credits. The About: ATLA page has been reformatted as well. The Sprite Site has also been updated with 6 new clothing sets for Mako, Bolin, Korra, and Pabu, though are spoilers for episode 3. The OMG Dude! easter egg page has also been updated with 5 new entries, including this series' version of Where's Waldo. :)

4/16/12: The first two Korra episodes have finally aired on tv, and there's a new one this Saturday, yes! For now it seems to be only for Americans, but I will be sure to note when its international dates are announced. In other news, there is also a new layout. :) (If it's showing up weird, clear your browser cache) The Layouts page has thus been updated, as well as the OMG Dude! easter egg page with four Korra entries. The other pages will be modified with Korra info later this week.

4/2/12: Although I finished the sprites back in December, the DH Sprite Site has finally been updated with a new layout and character sprites for Legend of Korra! You can find them all here, and the remaining characters and outfits will be added soon.

The Legend of Korra episodes will start airing on Saturday, April 14!

3/24/12: The first TWO episodes of Legend of Korra are now playing on! We know Americans can view it, but hopefully the international audience can too? In addition there are two other clips to play: "From Aang to Korra" (2:47) -- a look back at ATLA and a glimpse into LOK, and "This Season on Legend of Korra" (1:01) -- a sneak peak of this season. The episode will only be viewable on the website this weekend, so check it out if you can! The episodes will air on tv starting April 14 on Nickelodeon.

3/14/12: Excellent news! The Legend of Korra air date (for USA) has been announced -- it's Saturday, April 14, 2012! Exactly one month from now, to air on the main Nickelodeon channel. Korra Nation says 11am, but it'd probably be best to check your local listings. :)

Speaking of, hopefully you've heard about it already, but Nickelodeon has made an online fanclub for Legend of Korra, which has been releasing sneak previews and concept art. You can join its Facebook page to win exclusive content and prizes, including (if you live in the Continental US) a chance to go to this year's San Diego Comic Con and meet the show co-creators Mike & Bryan. There's also the Korra Nation Tumblr which posts the behind-the-scene content, and Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr which also posts behind-the-scene photos and art as they work on the show. Great stuff!

1/14/12: Happy New Year! Nickelodeon has aired a commercial (Youtube version here, starts at 0:18) that features Korra! It also hopefully reaffirms the title change to Avatar: The Legend of Korra. In addition, the Nickelodeon-run Twitter page has also confirmed that Korra will be airing in 2012, though is still mum on the exact date.

The second post-ATLA graphic novel, The Promise: Part Two, has also been announced and includes cover art. The publication date is May 30, 2012, and is $7.99 for 80 pages. The first book comes out on January 25, for $10.99. These books continue Team Avatar's adventures after the season 3 finale, particularly with the aftermath of the war, and prequeling Legend of Korra.

Written by Gene Luen Yang with Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, art by Gurihiru.