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June - November 2012

11/19/12: The results are in for the Pumpkin Contest! Congratulations to Kaitlin, Supereileen, Michelle, Bre, and Mod's Choice winner Simon! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted; hope you had fun and see you again for next year's contest! :)

11/5/12: Voting has begun for DH's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest! We have 15 lovely entries, so I hope you will take time to check them out! Voting will stay open for two weeks, so there's plenty of time. The results will be announced on Monday, November 19th. :)

11/1/12: Hope you all had a great Halloween! The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest has 10 entries so far, and there's still time to enter! The deadline is this Sunday, as voting will begin on Monday. Prizes for this year include two crochet berets, a Korra amigurumi doll, and digital illustrations. Come check it out! =)

In other news, a release date has been given for the graphic novel The Search: Part One, which will finally tell what happened to Zuko's mom, Ursa! It is listed as April 2, 2013, and you can find it on

10/5/12: Prizes for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest now include two crochet berets by Reynalyn, which will feature an element of the winner's choosing! Thank you! And remember, the deadline to enter your pumpkin carving is Sunday, November 4th!

10/1/12: Happy October folks! The Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition is open again for its 8th year! Whether you're a returning contestant or it's your first year, I hope you'll check it out! =)

The deadline to enter your pumpkin carving photo is:

Sunday, November 4th!

You can go to the APCC site for more info and view past winners. If you have any questions, or would like to provide a prize for one of the Top 4 winners (fanart, craft, etc), please email me!

8/24/12: Hey guys. Sorry for not posting this sooner, but unless there is news, this site will be on hiatus until October, for the annual Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition. Hope to see you there!

7/14/12: The San Diego Comic Con was this weekend, and with it a lot of new information for Legend of Korra's Book 2! You can read a detailed report of the panel at, and see photos of the new characters, designs, and landscapes at Owldee's Tumblr. There is also a four-minute animatic preview of where Team Avatar is now, which can be seen on Youtube. There are also close-up photos of posters featuring the new Team Avatar, as well as adult versions of the old Team Avatar, as seen here.

Some highlights for Book 2: Spirits:

It was also recently announced that The Legend of Korra was picked up for 26 more episodes, bringing the total to 52! The Season/Book set-up is a bit confusing though so co-creator Bryan Konietzko broke it down on his Tumblr. Basically, Books 1 (12 episodes) and Book 2 (14 eps) will be Season 1, and Books 3 and 4 (13 eps each) will be Season 2. Still no word of when Book 2 will air, as it is currently being animated.

6/28/12: Apologies for the site trouble lately! But the Korra finale has aired, and although season two is on its way to be animated, there's no word of when it will be ready to air. In the meantime, you can watch the episodes at if you're in the USA. In addition, the NickToons channel will be running a special event July 9 - July 20 called "Korra: Making of a Legend," which will have behind-the-scenes and creator commentary on the show! Info and video clip is at

Other news is that Dark Horse announced a new Avatar graphic novel series will be made to answer the burning fan question, Where's Ursa! Titled "The Search," it takes place immediately after The Promise Part 3 graphic novel and features Zuko and Azula on the search for their mom. The creative work continues to be by writer Gene Luen Yang and art by Gurihiru Studios, and there is an interview with Gene Yang here that discusses the new book and more. The Promise Part 3 comes out in September, and there is no date yet for The Search.

Site-wise, the Voice Acting and Crew Credits have been updated for episodes 10, 11, and 12, and the Links page is finally updated as well.

6/15/12: There's a new episode tomorrow, and then it's the one-hour Season Finale on June 23! You can watch two trailers for it at and Youtube. Don't miss it! :D Site-wise, the Voice Actors and Crew Credits have been updated for episodes 8 and 9, and sprites for Tarrlok have been added to the Sprite Site.