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September - November 2013

11/18/13: The results are in for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest -- congrats to Philip, Alissa, Fanwoman, Daniel, and Mod's Choice winner Moku and Roku! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted; hope you had fun and will join in again for next year's contest! =)

In other news, the Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits finale will air this Saturday (hour-long), but if you live in the USA you can watch it online now at

11/4/13: Voting for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest has begun! We have 17 great entries, so when you have time, please spare a vote for your favorite five! Results will be announced on November 18th.
(FYI, there was a problem with the old voting code, so the voting page has changed! It's now vote.php, not .html. @_@ But, it should work on mobile devices now?)

11/2/13: The deadline for the Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest looms, and 15 wonderful entries await your gaze! If you wish to enter, you have until 10pm Pacific Standard Time tomorrow to send in your pumpkin photo. Prizes include crochet berets, custom fanart, and tiny crochet keychains, and voting starts on Monday!
In other news, the new Korra episodes are back at 8pm, and there will be hour-long episodes on Nov. 15 and Nov. 22!

10/17/13: The annual Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest has begun, so if you are making an Avatar-themed pumpkin carving this year, please consider sending it in! We already have our first entry, and prizes will be added soon. Also, the time slot for the new Legend of Korra episodes has changed; it's now at 8:30/7:30 pm central, but... hopefully you already knew that. The episodes are also available online, which is wonderful.

9/11/13: New episodes of The Legend of Korra are upon us! Beginning this Friday with episodes 1 and 2 for Book Two: Spirits, which hopefully you already know about because this website is woefully out of date.

There has also been a slew of new Korra-related merchandise released during the past few months, including the DVD/Blu-ray for Book One: Air; an Art Book as well as a Soundtrack; and some pretty sweet-looking shirts and plush dolls. The Merchandise page has been updated with some of these items, and you can check the official Nick Shop for the rest.

Although the new season for Korra looks awesome and I absolutely can't wait to see it, I cannot guarantee that this website will be any more updated than it has been in the past year. (which is nearly not at all.) I simply do not have the energy or the passion for maintaining websites anymore, though I do hope to continue the yearly Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest, and the occasional sprite sets. I'm sorry. It has been a wonderful and challenging adventure these past eight years, and thank you to everyone who has visited and contributed. ...Geez, this sounds like a goodbye. This site is not going anywhere! I am just letting you know that I will continue to update in a frustratingly unreliable manner. But hey, new episodes! :)