Which Avatar Character Are You?

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1. *yawn* It’s the start of another day…
* Great! I can't wait to get started!
* I wonder what I should have for breakfast?
* Zzzz... five more minutes... *rolls over*
* Finally. Today will be the day.
* Yum... food.
* I need coffee. Now.
* Nothing like Jasmine tea to greet the day.
* Right, time for morning chores.
* So.... hungry!! 0_0 *chows down*

2. Since life’s gotten rather complicated, you decide to take the day off.
* Yes!
* ...Really?
* Whatever.
* I don't have time for a break.
* Okay then.
* After all I've done, I deserve more than just a day off.
* Sounds good to me. ^-^
* I could use a break.
* ...Complicated? o_O

3. But where to go… How about a walk to the beach?
* Race ya there!
* Perfect!
* Yeah, alright.
* How about... not.
* Fine by me.
* I hate the beach.
* Sounds peaceful.
* Sure, that would be nice.
* *gasps* Roadtrip!

4. Like it or not, you’re going. What do you bring?
* Friends to impress!
* Sunscreen.
* Swimming trunks.
* Sunglasses.
* I don't need anything.
* A map, to mark any hidden villages I find.
* A stool for me and my tea.
* A book.
* Beachball!!

5. And you’re off! But down the road, you see many boulders blocking the path!
* No problem, I'll just go over it.
* It's okay, I see a path through the forest.
* Ugh, this figures. What's next? Rain?
* ...Such a waste of my time. *climbs over the boulders*
* Pfft. I am not confined by roads. *flies over it*
* Those pebbles are no match for me. *blasts through them*
* A walk through the forest is just as relaxing.
* Perhaps this is an omen? *darts into the forest*
* Wow, rocks! Oh look, trees!

6. Finally, you made it the beach. What’s the first thing you do?
* Race into the water!
* Apply that sunscreen.
* Go swimming.
* Sit under a tree and plan what you should do tomorrow.
* Take a nap on the beach.
* Explore the area.
* Pour yourself some tea and enjoy the view.
* Work on your tan.
* Beachball party, YAY!

7. Aww, a cute little critter comes up to you! You…
* Play with it, of course!
* Try to protect it from predators.
* Suddenly want to make a barbecue. Yum...
* Don't even notice it.
* Smile because you know you're 100x cuter.
* Kick it out of the way. Inferior beasts should know better than to approach you.
* Are fast asleep.
* Will remember to tell your friends.
* OMG! The cuteness! The cuteness!

8. Oh no, you see some enemy benders approaching!
* Ah, not todaaay...
* Oh! Better hide.
* Figures. They ruin everything!
* I don't care. Unless they get in my way.
* Um...
* Good, this was getting boring.
* Zzzz... huh? Hm. Maybe they won't bother me.
* Ugh, I won't let them get away!

9. They spot you and a fight ensues! What’s your style?
* Mostly defensive, but enough offense to end the fight without hurting them.
* Defensive offense, just enough so you can escape.
* Attack head on, throwing caution to the wind.
* Various attacks that aren't life threatening.
* I'm not a fighter. So, I'll just go now. ^^;
* Ruthless. They will regret taking me on.
* A compelling combo of offense and defense.
* Swift and fearless martial art attacks.
* Blabber incoherently while trying to avoid their attacks.

10. By skill or otherwise, they retreat. But now it's starting to rain...
* ...Maybe I can blow the clouds away?
* Well, time to go home then.
* Ha! Saw that coming!
* ...Great. I knew this was a waste of time.
* Uuu... *shakes rain out of hair*
* *marks map* I'll return later with backup to find their village.
* I hope I don't catch a cold.
* So it was an omen...
* Ah, raindrops! Fallin' on my head!

11. Deciding to head back home, what do you think about?
* Even on my day off, I can't catch a break.
* That was too close. I have to be more careful.
* Ha, I sure showed those benders a thing or two!
* I have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow.
* I sure could go for a snack right about now.
* One more reason why the ocean is not on my vacation list.
* ...I left my tea on the beach. :(
* I must double my training.
* Wait till the guys hear about this!! XD

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