How To Play

New to the game or just need to brush up on the details? Here's some help.

Official Rulebook


In the Avatar TCG, you can play as characters in the show from all nations! The game is fun, fast-paced, and keeps the flow going. There are four main types of cards that make up this game: Strike (which you attack with), Ally (which helps you out), Advantange (very helpful and strategic), and the Chamber Card, which represents the character you're playing as. But, you can only use certain cards in your deck if their trait symbols match the ones on your Chamber Card. Also, every Chamber Card houses two powerful, special abilities called the Signature Move. These attacks are very strong, but can only be activated under certain circumstances.

The game plays as a one-on-one battle and to score points, you have to use the cards to break through your opponent's defenses. But there are three levels or zones to get through (green, yellow, and red), and in each zone they have the opportunity to block you and counterattack. It all depends on the cards. But if they are unable to counterattack in the red zone, you score a point. The first player to get 3 points wins. :D

The Avatar TCG also uses a new system of card playing called QuickStrike. Instead of holding cards in your hand, you flip them from your deck onto the play mat. QuickStrike also means that you can use cards from other TCG games in your Avatar deck, as long as they're a part of the QuickStrike system.

There's a lot more to explain, but it's not too complicated. There used to be a great interactive demo on the official Upper Deck website, but it's no longer available. I'm afraid that you're stuck with reading the rulebook to fully learn how to play.