Avatar Temples
The Fire Nation's Avatar Roku Temple

Welcome! Today we are going to visit the Avatar Temple in the Fire Nation! Come along now, don't fall behind! ^.^

Located inside the Fire Nation territory, Avatar Roku's temple is one of the only buildings on this isolated crescent moon-shaped island. It's built on the rocks high up on the Western coast, below the ever-active volcano.

This is the temple; a fully detailed five-story pagoda. Lovely, isn't it? Avatar Roku use to live here; that's why it's referred to as "his" temple. A stone bridge leads from the shore up to the temple.

Here's a close up of the temple -- look at that detail! Beautiful. Despite being at least over one hundred years old, it still looks great. Whoever keeps up the temple's maintenance is doing a fine job. *nods*

This humble little hut resides on a stone ledge below the temple. It's probably the sages' sleeping quarters, or perhaps those who maintain the temple's appearance.

These Fire Sages run the temple. They come from a long line of sages who have done so for generations. The one in the center is the leader. Originally they served only the Avatar, but now (excluding Shyu) they serve the Fire Lord. Everything is political these days. *shakes head*

The bottom floor of the temple is filled with identical corridors like a giant maze. This is to protect the real passageways and relics from trespassers who manage to sneak in.

In one of the corridors is dead end that really isn't. As shown by Shyu, twisting up one of the lamps and firebending into a small slot, a secret door opens up revealing a hidden passageway. How mysterious!

That passageway leads into an underground cavern that was originally carved out by Avatar Roku. The path is wide and goes on for a while, but be sure to not fall into the magma. This tour doesn't give refunds, you know. >_>

Time to give those legs a workout! At the end of the passageway is a long spiral of stairs. What fun, walking up five flights! ^.^; But if you want to reach the top sanctuary, this is the only way.

Finally, reached the top! After climbing through a trap door in the floor, there's a large spacious room. Filled with dragon statue pillars, small windows, and of course, the Giant Sealed Door.

This unique Giant Sealed Door has a large flame motif and five serpent dragon pipes. It will only open with a great force of Firebending, either by a master firebender or five regular firebenders. ...But it is possible for a small creature to climb through the pipes. -_-;

This spacious sanctuary has a large statue of Avatar Roku, a calendar design painted on the center floor, and a jewel-encrusted window. On the Winter Solstice when the light from the window hits the statue, it is possible for the Avatar to speak to Roku.

Here's a close up of Avatar Roku's statue, surrounded by flames. Look at that gold and detail! Beautiful craftsmanship. It looks just like him. ^-^

Here's a close up of the red gem window that shines light into the chamber. That flame design around it is pretty nice.

And here's a close up (sorta) of the calendar painted on the floor. Each of the yellow circles has writing that represents one of the four seasons.

Oh look, Avatar Roku decided to stop by! Wow, he looks pretty angry. What's that? There's danger all around us?

Whoa! What's he doing? This is a fine architectural building! It'll take months to repair the damage from that attack!

Eek! We'd better take Zhao's advice and high tail it out of here! Roku's bringing the whole place down! This tour is not responsible for fire burns!

Aww.... there goes Avatar Roku's temple. =( Well, that wraps up this tour. Thanks for coming, and don't forget to pick up a souvenir at the front office on your way out.