Here lies all of the old updates for this fansite.

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  _June 29, 2012 
It took almost two years, but the new layout is finally up! Huzzah! This site now sports PHP coding, and some of the content has been updated as well, most especially the Navi or Skullkid debate which now includes adorable sprites. :) Some of the other pages still need updating, but that's for another day. Or year.

The Fanlisting has been moved to this main site as well, and has its own link in the navigation above. There are also new buttons, because wow the old ones were bad. If you find any site problems, please let me know!

  _March 20, 2009 
Still working on that new layout, but there is a new affiliate, Faithful Companions - a LinkxNavi shrine. :)

  _January 10, 2009 
ew, I haven't updated this site in far too long. D: Well, the links page has been updated for now, and I'm definitely working on a new layout. I'll probably combine the shrine and fanlisting as well; kinda silly to have 'em on separate sites. I'll try to have it finished later this month.

  _May 17, 2007 
........It's been over a year since the last update? ....Whoops! ^^;;;; Although I don't have anything to offer in this update (although there is a new affiliate, Fairy's Fountain), I have been working a new page off and on for the past few months. I'm making no promises of when it'll be done since I really should focus on DH before the new Avatar season airs, but I will try to finish this new page. And try to make a new layout. Since, y'know, this one has been up for over two years now. ^^;

But yeah, that's about it. ^^; Sorry!

  _February 7, 2006 
Ack! There's a Navi T-Shirt (from VGCats) on Presale! That means that if enough people don't order this shirt before Feb. 23, it won't go on sale! ;_; So please! If you've wanted a tshirt with Navi on it, consider getting this one! ^^; (I know I am!)

Navi t-shirt

It's priced at $15.95 and comes in many sizes in the color Indigo.

(And yeah, I don't have any other updates. But get the shirt! Please?) ^^;