Googlism: The Navi Factor

Thanks to, we can see what Google has to say about Navi. My favorites are marked, and responses are italicised.

navi is /key
navi is distributor of oscilloquartz sa
navi is a state
navi is licensed in antigua to accept
navi is designed to fit the requirements of a web
navi is the slowest plot
navi is like the first book in a great series that only acts as a background primer for the following books in the series
navi is a program launcher like the coplandos seen in "serial experiments lain"
navi is also magenta?
navi is the love of his life
navi is not a child of content   (aww...)
navi is top
navi is not only a venue for the sales of construction materials; it also carries the meaning of a portal site for contractors
navi is just edging out tatl   (=P)
navi is a cool fairy
navi is waiting for shopping malls to register to our site
navi is one thing i can do without   (T_T)
navi is a pioneering apparatus with gps navigation
navi is an experimental site that provides general information on roads in hokkaido
navi is there
navi is link's fairy
navi is the fariy who follows you around
navi is the king of pop   (XD)
navi is a pearly black custom job from omni   (Ooh, shiny...)
navi is comparable in size to today's pda and appears in as many aesthetic variations as ballpoint pens do today
navi is united with satellite tracking
navi is soo nice ^_^   (^_^)
navi is a low cost land navigation system   (Excellently put! XD)
navi is made possible by a built
navi is hot
navi is the latest addition to the casio lineup of "wrist technology" products
navi is trusted by
navi is for you
navi is programmed to be calm and polite
navi is co
navi is in need of a geography lesson (Ahaha!)
navi is the faerie from zelda
navi is a reseach and development as well as co
navi is actually a nice attempt by a company to promote their product
navi is a new weekly gaming magazine that hopes to give ascii's famitsu and the other weekly
navi is the first of the four tapes of serial experiments lain and let me tell you it
navi is a system for indicating the consumption and the cost of
navi is a relatively dim star with a magnitude of 3   (Wow, really?)
navi is at hand to provide clear and instantaneous data on the best possible alternative route
navi is built for water resistance under normal daily use
navi is called by his name and his fathers name it is a sign that the father is also a navi
navi is more like a pest than a sidekick   (Aww. :()
navi is equipped with a built
navi is on both sides
navi is at the sides which is i think
navi is the faerie companion of link in nintendo's 'the legend of zelda'
navi is a snap to use? you
navi is a gui development tool in java
navi is the ultimate michael jackson impersonator  (lol what)
navi is going to turn you into a wraith   (XD)
navi is the one who "remembers the torah of moshe"
navi is like one stemming directly from the 'shepherd of sheep'
navi is saying a halachah as a prophecy
navi is a grand prix racing yacht which has been usually quayed in yokohama civic yacht harbour   (That's cool.)
navi is one of the most important things in the entire game; she offers advice and her opinion to help you do your best   (^_^)
navi is the "world's first mass market location based service for wireless mobile phone
navi is a "people" horse
navi is a trademark of nokia mobile phones   (I can see the comercials now...)
navi is the name of the vecos mobile time attendance/data collection system
navi is her door into the world of the wired
navi is very true
navi is a local portal or gateway to everything inside your computer and on the internet
navi is back and laying down the smak on all it's "competitors" and leaving them looking wack   (Ahaha, Navi Brawl xD)
navi is flying to link's house
navi is common
navi is first assigned to link at the beginning of the game and sticks by his side throughout the duration of his adventures   (You got that right!)
navi is not available on the track model

And there you have it! Wasn't that fun? I can't wait to see Navi advertising those Nokia phones though... XD